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10/9/2013 c11 Guest
This was a blast to read! Had me laughing my butt off several times! The sled thing had me wondering. I was like "but how can Sam be excited?" LOL Took me a minute to figure out it was a dream. The little Sammy thing was kinda weird, but overall I really enjoyed this fic and was really sad to see it come to an end. Well done!
5/10/2011 c11 Barranca
This story evolved into an emotional roller coaster. I guess in a situation like this, there are only worse choices, but Sam and Dean have something that makes up for some of the bad things. Don't we all miss the innocent times when Sammy was still fighting with John over having to move all the time.
5/10/2011 c7 Barranca
This chapter made me crack up - beware of grannies with groceries XD
5/10/2011 c4 Barranca
I can't believe Sam's fear of clowns is rooted so deep inside him, he's still got it even with his soul gone XD Bad Dean, laughing at your poor soulless brother like that! But it was all in the name of science...
12/28/2010 c11 29CeCe Away
Theresa, I can't even begin to tell you how brilliant this last chapter is. It feels so real to the show and the characters and how they would feel and behave, it's like a fluid continuation of the episode that I've just been sitting here watching, mesmerized, with my heart in my throat.

You are an awesome writer. Never doubt that.

12/25/2010 c11 5Twinchester Angel
Well, this was a wonderful Christmas present. Thank you so much. Thank you for your hard work, your dedication and your commitment. I'm actually really sad that it's over. I thought it was beautifully simple leaving the ending like that. And yeah, it's definitely open to interpretation because we really don't know what Sam remembers and what he doesn't. But the spark was there in his eyes and his dimples were back in working order so at least we know he's feeling something, right? I hafta thank you for the part when Dean is talking to a sleeping Sammy. The Snow White analogy was friggin hilarious! LOL Somehow I think Dean really believes that about the dwarves. He's seen all the fairy tale porn out there after all. Ha ha! Now, as much as I love, adore, and respect you, I must tell you that I don't believe a word of your confession that you don't know where the boys are. But I figure when we need to know something, you'll tell us. Oh by the way, I can forgive the lack of the big up scene, if you write more fics. I just enjoy the way your mind works and the way you write these guys to just give it up now! I'll even advertise for you for free! And I promise to always comment just for you my little review whore! I am a bit of a fic whore myself so I have no qualms about begging you for more! *giggle* I would also love to thank Zara for all of her hard work on this as well. This was truly one of the absolute best Supernatural stories I've ever had the privilege to read. It was funny, sad, and very profound. It made me think. A lot. It also made me laugh and cry. Sometimes, even at the same time! Thanks again for this. You are my hero. :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! *luv n hugs*
12/25/2010 c11 35borgmama1of5
Your last two chapters had me in tears.
12/24/2010 c11 46T.L. Arens
Theresa, Thank you soooo much for a well-told story! And it really does fit ever so nicely with the series! I'm quite satisfied with the ending. Other readers may differ. But you left it open so that you can either go back to it at a later time or someone else can pick it up and run with it. Endings are hard, as the saying goes. It's not what's right or wrong in an ending, but what ultimately fits. I think you did just fine with both story and characters-especially the characters. You've done a fabulous job with Bobby and moreso with Dean! ^-^

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And Merry Christmas
12/23/2010 c11 CandyCakes
I really like this story. I even like the ending, too many people try to tie things up in a pretty bow and that isn't the way things go on the show. Good job!
12/23/2010 c11 33brokencrownsandhearts
am i disappointed this story ended? hell yes! but i think you ended it perfectly and very in character. i really did enjoy reading this series! i am so very happy that Sam is really back! but great job with this story! this was an awesomely long chapter!
12/23/2010 c11 34yurisnow
D: It's over D:

The reunion was awesome! I loved how you wrote the story.

I can't wait for you to write more stories :)

Thanks for writing this :)
12/22/2010 c10 yurisnow
I loved how you had little Sammy in there! This was very funny chapter. And a very long one lol

Can't wait to read the rest of it :) Update soon please :)
12/10/2010 c10 33brokencrownsandhearts
a fantastic chapter! i really really loved it! did you see tonight's episode? anyways this was another great job! =]
12/10/2010 c10 5Zara Zee
So there I was, sitting in bed, nose running, trying to cough up my lungs every five minutes and my email pops up with a section of Chap 10 to beta read. I completely forget my beta-ing duties at the first sentence and race through it at break neck pace before sending a frantic email demanding more...

I think I used the word 'perfect' a few times while sending feedback...and...anyway, I second Twinchester Angel's assertion that you outdid yourself this time! I LOVE this chapter, it is my favorite! :)

Sigh...I picked up a coupla little, tiny typos while reading it here, so my apologies for not picking them up earlier...(bad Beta, bad!) my defense...I was mesmerised by the brilliance of your story! :)


12/10/2010 c10 5Twinchester Angel
Well, there's no need to be nervous about this one. I think you waaaay outdid yourself. My mind is running off in 20 directions toward all the things I want to comment on. Mostly I'm just sad. That's not a bad thing though. First it just reaffirms your talent of a writer. Second it reaffirms that I do, in fact have a soul. And third, it makes me wonder again, for the ninth time just this week, just what is it about this show and these characters that has sucked me in and turned me into an angsty, starry-eyed, squeeing, obsessed teenager? At this point I have no answers on my own condition and to be honest, I'm not really looking nor do I care. :) I am a huge fan of rollercoasters. They are my absolute favorite past time. Seriously. The higher and faster, the creepier the name, the more twists, turns, and drops, the better. I never get scared cuz were I to die on a rollercoaster, I'd die completely happy. I think that's what this whole thing is to me. An emotional rollercoaster. You have, with this story, and more specifically, this chapter, thrown me onto the mother of all rollercoasters. Honestly, the first 3 sentences in and I had that painful tingling feeling in my sinuses that says 'You're about to cry! It's only gonna get more painful if you don't let it out!' So I stopped reading just long enough to think about my resentment towards you LOL and then dove right back in. Adult ADD moment: Just for this, I'm sending 4-6 inches of sloppy, wet, messy snow your way. You know, the kind that adheres itself to your tires just long enough to splat all over your garage floor in the exact perfect spot so your kids step in it and track it into your house. With enough wind to just make your fingertips hurt a little while running into the grocery store. Ok. Enough with the revenge talk because really, it's just more proof of your mad writing skills that I have worked myself up into such a frenzy. Dean thinking about how alone he felt, the most alone he'd ever felt, just about broke me. Damn if that man couldn't bring a nazi to his knees and cry like a baby. Then, there was a contradiction of emotions while reading the scenes with Sam alone. I wanted to throttle him for being such a jerk while at the same time I couldn't help but feel sorry for him and his pitiful existence. And that's all RoboSam has is existence. It's not a life. He has 2, maybe 3 people in the whole world that give a crap about him and he has effectively pushed them all away like a used fast food burger wrapper. He has no companionship whatsoever and he doesn't know enough to want any and even if he did, his soulless arse wouldn't even begin to know how to do it. So then I felt bad for him some more until I giggled at his little comments towards Dean's notes. Then for a brief moment I found myself surprisingly quite turned on at the aspect of Dean being able to hear him 2 rooms away with the twins! Damn Sam! That part was hilarious by the way. 'What Dean doesn't know won't hurt him.' 'You think I didn't know?' I laughed. But when you brought little Sammy into it? Forget it. I was shedding a tear again. I could actually hear Knockin On Heaven's Door while reading it! (The fireworks scene in Dark Side was one of the most heart wrenching scenes of the series, hands down) But then your characterization of young Sammy was perfect! 'You poke yourself for that you jerk!' OMG I was laughing! I could just picture Dean when Bobby asked if it was really Sam. 'Oh yea.' *Sammy bitchface* *Dean flinches* 'Oh yea.' Priceless. And the whole 'it got worse when you were 13' thing made me giggle every time too! And then Sam and Sammy's faceoff? Oh how I wish we could actually see cute little Colin Ford and Jared act that scene out! Talk about amazing. I'd pay money to see that! 'I'm pretty sure I'd get one good shot in before you knew what hit you' I can just picture Jared rolling his shoulders and jerking his neck that way he does and just being shocked at the way Sammy stands up to him. Then I felt so proud of Sammy and I could feel the pride that Dean must've felt for his baby brother. The 'I love you' exchange made my lip wiggle. But then Sam noticing the extent of love and protectiveness Dean has not towards Sammy but towards his brother made me feel so hopeful until I realized he soulless and it isn't gonna affect him at all except make him even more desperate to hide so then I got a sinking feeling and whaddya know, I was right. The jerk left. That final scene when Dean realizes both Sam's are gone and how you described him losing his footing and sliding to the floor made me out and out bawl. Seriously. Multiple tears, runny nose, scrunched up chin, the whole nine. So that's where I was at when I started this review. This was exceptional. No exaggeration whatsoever. Brilliant. Sorry to take up 45 minutes of your time with this but it was sooooo good and it's obvious you worked so hard on it so I just wanted to explain to you how it affected me and why. You're awesome. :D *turns around scanning the room* Now where the hell did I put my whiskey? Between this and the obvious intense angst we will be subjecting ourselves to tonight, I need Windsor more than I need air. Pretty sure tonight may kill me. The only chance of survival I have is if I can manage to remind myself that it will work out. Eventually. Well, I'm off to rock in the corner with a drink in one hand and my remote in the other while repeating 'it'll be ok' over and over. Talk to you on the other side. Of the veil if I die, the episode if I don't. LOL Thanks so much for this! *Big and little Sammy hugs*
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