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8/24 c7 Videl
For the amount of shit you talked about cliches and other fan fictions this was completely trash terrible writing with a ungodly amount of plot holes and I would even have been upset if again you didn’t talk so much shit about other fanfics.
7/25 c7 Jon1234
Why didn’t he go to the mind readers to help him through the trauma he went through at two, especially with Kage level parents. All I can say is this yellow flash and hobanero are terrible parents that did nothing to help there son
5/5 c2 kingdrego17
naruto turned down training are u stupid he's the so of the yellow flash meaning his life is always in danger and he doesn't know this and turned down training when he could be assassinated at any given moment by spies
5/5 c4 kingdrego17
so naruto is hinata and his sister is naruto wow original
4/14 c5 Guest
You made Naruto a bitch
3/3 c6 Hyperman15
Minato’s father must have been Ash Ketchum...
2/11 c8 izanagipsychoo
Mother fuck what kind of story is this? Story support to be Naruto not namikaza family
2/11 c7 izanagipsychoo
Fuck up
8/8/2021 c5 Soul-Seeker-1406
You know, just offering to train him similarly doesn't make him less neglectful if he can't even see how Naruto was beat up by bullies. Sure, Naruto tried to hide it from them, but like you said he's still a seven year old while Minato is like one of the most-astute ninja Konoha has ever produced, so he should've been able to notice that even with Naruto trying to hide it.
7/12/2021 c5 Guest
Are they no anbu protecting the hokage kid ? Or you are just retard like that
1/16/2021 c4 Hybridiaydeb
Why is he so weak this is bullshit
12/27/2020 c5 Pimity
The only thing i can say is, this is an immense dissapointment. Amenaza was great, but this? This is trash.
11/28/2020 c1 Guest
Yo dis fire
11/9/2020 c20 1189
nOoOOOO dont give up on this
9/19/2020 c5 1ramsesjames05
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