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2/23/2017 c20 9The Epitome of Eccentricity
Man, I loved this story. It was unique. I loved watching Naruto explore becoming a bijuu and changing over time. There have only been two bijuu Naruto stories I've seen, and now both are done. RIP

I look forward to what you write next, edgy, clean or otherwise.
2/23/2017 c20 silver uli
well shit it was good while it lasted
2/23/2017 c20 ebbuu
Can't wait to see the story ;)
2/23/2017 c1 obscurereader
This was...not bad? But not great. The dialogue was a bit awkward and wooden. Was it necessary to have the Kyūbi and Madara yell, "Curse you, Yondaime Hokage". Is that something that would really happen? People don't go around addressing our president with, "Hello 43rd President of the United States". Doesn't seem like a natural sentence, especially in a situation we've been given in this story.

Similarly, why have Minato yell out, "And now for the sealing!" That seems so unusual. Who yells out stuff like that to themselves in the middle of a fight.

I'll keep going with this story, but the prologue doesn't inspire me. Granted, you wrote this seven years ago, so I would guess that you've improved :)
2/23/2017 c20 PkmntrainerCam
2/23/2017 c20 rockhard034
Well, I can understand where you are coming from.
New plot lines in Naruto canon, along with my own refinement of my writing style had also made me completely lose interest in the fanfics that I had written. But, a least you still kept going at them even though you felt like you lost the spark you needed to go on.
Well, I hope that you reignite that spark which you need for this next story and that you manage to keep it going till the end of it.
With all that said, I hope to see this new story soon, as I definitely consider you to be one of the better authors on this site and your fics have always been of good quality.
2/23/2017 c20 2Shadowmaster91
Could you tell me (tell us) what was the objective of this story? Amenaza ended with Naruto becoming a monster that destroyed everything and everybody. Here, what was your objective?
2/23/2017 c20 vadrulesall
Bullshit story deserved to be canceled. You wasting your time in doing the story I don't know what your inspiration for the story was but gradually the story has become a pain in the a** to read I am glad that you know that it is time to leave the story behind and work on something new
2/23/2017 c20 1Ever Professional
Yeah, I've been expecting this for awhile now; I actually thought it was already cancelled, to be honest. Oh well, I'm excited for the other stories though.
2/23/2017 c4 Shinra Ren
you should put angst as a genre in this.
2/23/2017 c20 bfg10k17
Yes, let's pull the plug. I liked this, but you're right, this story wasn't what you'd call a polished, well thought out story.
I'm interested in what you'll make of it.
Also, could you make a nother "author's note" update on this, when you're starting that new Naruto story ?
I wouldn't want to miss it.
Best of luck. Cya.
2/22/2017 c20 skrapsynneh
I look forwards to your work.
2/22/2017 c20 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
I was wondering when this would happen, to be honest.
Good luck on your next one, comrade. I hope you can make a story that is fun to write this time.
2/22/2017 c20 najdrox
Well best of luck in your new story then
2/22/2017 c20 Kimu1004
I rushed over cuz of an update and what I get is this .-.
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