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for Unintended Consequences

5/16/2011 c24 Evesgreenleaf
Your story made me laugh, made me cry, beautifully written
4/22/2011 c24 4canadianscanget
Nice wrap up. Liked the quote. I think that likely applies to many situations with having things put in perspective. (There never is enough time is there - I was flipping through an Atkins Diet book - it said to start you need a week of peaceful time - a lull in activity - darn I didn't realize it was a fictional book, let alone a comedy - a lull in activity lol that would be sleeping a full 4 hrs without being woken up for me! Hope you get the time to write again soon with lots of banter, while still working steady of course) )
3/27/2011 c15 33Ultracape
Love your story but I just have to say that Peter lives in Brooklyn on Dekalb Street and June's mansion is on the far side of the island of Manhattan on Riverside Drive, 12 miles away. I realize that anyone not from the New York area wouldn't know this. No one strolls from Brooklyn to Manhattan or visa versa.
3/20/2011 c24
Great story, sorry to see it end. Hope everything works out well for you, and maybe we will hear from you again.
3/20/2011 c24 6puellascribit5
Oh the ending was very good! Sad to see its over though.
3/19/2011 c24 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Nice ending. I LOLed at Neal and Peter making up with a manly hug. Good work on this story and I look forward to your next!
3/7/2011 c23 13last1stnding
I'm glad you were persuaded to write this chapter about Peter, who so often gets short changed in fanfic. This chapter helps your story. Hope you're feeling better.
3/6/2011 c23 16morgo7kc
great chapter!
3/6/2011 c23 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Good chapter. Liked learning a bit more about Peter's time with Angus & Co. :)
3/6/2011 c23 46pechika
Nicely written
3/4/2011 c22 4canadianscanget
Your teasing again with your ending. Nice interactions. Update soon.
2/24/2011 c1 46pechika
i am hooked
2/22/2011 c22 13last1stnding
Nice chapter but I hope Grace remembers who her brother is soon. Peter's been through a lot and now this!
2/22/2011 c22 Janssye
This is so good! Really loving it! 33
2/19/2011 c22 46pechika
Poor Grace, let her get her memory back soon. Enjoyed the Peter and Neal interaction. U could cover what Peter did and thought during the time he was kidnapped.
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