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for Unintended Consequences

1/17/2011 c17 16morgo7kc
Great chapter! Your characterization is amazing
1/15/2011 c17 13last1stnding
Very nice Peter- Neal moment in front of the bad guys. Well done.
1/15/2011 c17 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Very nice chapter. Tricky Neal, pulling off an excellent double-cross. Peter's implicit trust in him just goes to show how far their partnership has grown. Keep up the great work!
1/15/2011 c17 4canadianscanget
Bravo! Keep 'er rolling. You have a good rhythm going with this this now. Really enjoyed this chapter (and 16) this tops it, let the words keep on a flowing.
1/9/2011 c16 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Good chapter. Hope that Grace will be okay; liked the Jones POV. :) Keep up the good work!
1/9/2011 c16 16morgo7kc
great chapter! i still cannot believing how fantastic your writing skills are. i hope Grace is ok!
1/1/2011 c15 97peppe1951
oh nooo! this was ending so good...why did someone have to shoot Grace,,,

I love it when Peter admitted that he loved Neal as a son...
1/1/2011 c15 4canadianscanget
NICE! In character, bantor and tease at the end. Thanks. ccg
1/1/2011 c15
Great update! Can't wait to find out what happened to Grace! Update soon, and Happy New Year!
12/31/2010 c15 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Nice chapter, although I think Peter's admission of loving Neal like a son was a bit much. ;) Otherwise, good work! Happy new year!
12/31/2010 c15 14Hailsy
Have I told you how much I love this story? If not, I LOVE this story. It's fantastic and I cannot wait for your updates.

12/31/2010 c15 collarchick
omg those last second twists after being lulled into father/son tranquility get me every time! aarrrrggghhh!
12/27/2010 c14 13last1stnding
OK, Neal is running around unannounced at a ransom /hostage exchange in a black ski mask, waving a knife and then Peter has to be on the defensive for shooting him? Oh please! There's blame enough to go around for all - only Mozzie and Elizabeth are blameless. I'm sorry but the guys just didn't sound right in this chapter. Maybe its because the argument between them is so unusually bitter. Anyway, I hope the fighting is over and we can get back to the partnership again.
12/27/2010 c14 17MaraudingSnitch1314
Nicely written confrontation with good arguments from both Neal and Peter. Glad that they're on the mend. :)
12/27/2010 c14 97peppe1951
Interesting chapter...don't understand why Peter doesn't understand that Neal had no choice but the forge that pinting to save Grace's life
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