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for My Heavenly Judgement

1/1 c84 1SwYhDeNaEtY
This was a long read, picking up this book with this amount of chapters and words I had full expectations to have dropped this book mid-read. Instead now I’ve reached the end with a satisfied if a little melancholy feeling inside of me. This story is perfect in the most unexpected ways, and I can’t believe the level of quality had stayed solid throughout the whole things. Binged this book in three days straight.

I am happy that this book had dyfed my expectations, and even when I wanted to drop it sometimes because I somehow had gonna too close with all the characters and didn’t want them to suffer. I know I could never have put this down until the very end.

I highly recommend this story.
11/14/2022 c84 Sophia
I almost didn’t finish reading it because of the beginning but now I am glad I read it it is such a masterpiece and I am so sad it ended. But the ending was bittersweet and I loved it it made me cry
8/25/2022 c84 jansesu
I binged this over two days... Great story! The ending was a little bittersweet but excellent. Thanks for your work :)
4/26/2022 c11 phosphophillite49
Plus IQ tests aren't super accurate. Being tired, distracted, anxious... will make your score lower. Knowing how the IQ tests works, practicing your reasoning or just plain luck will make your score higher.

Plus you add that she got 8 years of lifetime than the normal 13 years for your normal 13 years-old, it would make the test complete trash, not accurate in the slightest.
4/26/2022 c11 phosphophillite49
Alas. IQ test doesn't mean much. And saying you're a genius just because you got a high score on an IQ test either means you aren't a genius, or you got problems like low self esteem
4/26/2022 c3 phosphophillite49
So you didn't mean it. Welp.
4/26/2022 c1 phosphophillite49
I don't know if you meant it, but the onlywhen talking was really good. It just made every thing more... muted. Dull. Or whatever. Which definitely works with the effects you tried to make by repeating that everything was normal, that she isn't special.
4/18/2022 c23 WhoAreYouAnyway
It would be nice to see others opinions of her. And also, Varia
4/18/2022 c19 WhoAreYouAnyway
18yrs old...I thought she died at 16, did she get extra 2yrs?
3/14/2022 c17 Death the Girl 1107
My brain would totally make the room pineapple themed as soon as I saw him in there.
3/14/2022 c17 Death the Girl 1107
Mukuro is my personal fav so if he acted like that towards me, I might just have a huge billboard that says 'You used to be my favourite'. Would love to see the surprised Pikachu face he'd probably have at that.
3/13/2022 c15 Death the Girl 1107
Oh wait, just realised they were alone when it happened. Is that future romance I smell? It makes sense I guess. Kinda see Alice as a cloud honestly, so her connection with Hibari would make sense. Maybe they could share the guardian position like Mukuro and Chrome? Or is it just a romance thing?
3/13/2022 c16 Death the Girl 1107
No one from the present mentioned how there was no future her?
3/8/2022 c84 Sugarin
I recently revisited Hitman Reborn, and I remembered this beautiful masterpiece. I had to revisit this, and leave my thoughts because I didn't years ago.

Just like the setting in this manga, I finished the manga around middle school and was hit with nostalgia and the time where things were much more simpler. I couldn't really understand the complexity of this fic back then, but now as an adult, I realized this manga was much more of a masterpiece than I initially thought. (cause all i cared about was hibari x alice at that time lol) so yeah thank you for writing this and never giving up.

Although I know you moved platforms and is very busy with your Persona 5 fanfics (which are also great), I don't know if you are still accepting requests for extras but Imma just leave them here! (I also read you lost your drafts, and I hope one day you will revisit this fanfic and write once more)

I know all the other alices were gone, but I was wondering about 10YL Alice. She should have passed her trial when she died of the disease. I was wondering if the legendary love triangle between her hibari & tsuna was ever settled in heaven!

Also I wonder if Alaude and Qin ever reunited also

Anyways, I hope you are doing good & thank you again for writing this.
2/25/2022 c23 tenkoyami
im crying wtf you got me
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