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for My Heavenly Judgement

11/5 c18 AnimeMeg27
lol I often forget Longchamp exists, he really has like... no plot relevance. I'd only read the manga once way back when, but having recently rewatched the mafia land episode, the story went just as smoothly without him
Also love your take on Gokudera's backstory, I've always felt while reading this fanfic you've always had such a good understanding of the characters, none of them ever really feel OOC
Also the Bill/Mukuro situation always just makes me so nervous lol anything having to do with Alice's judgement makes me incredibly nervous
10/14 c16 AnimeMeg27
ugh the beginning and end of this chapter always kills me q-q
10/14 c15 AnimeMeg27
ngl Alice getting sick and then missing the first half of the daily life arc is kinda hilarious to me, like I dunno if it was your original intention, but it's literally the best way to skip over some of the slow stuff and move onto the more interesting bits of the story
Also I know I've read up to at least this chapter several times in the past, but those last lines somehow still caught me by surprise. Was it really this early in the story where Alice slips through to TYL?
also also omg I read the end notes too and omg I can't believe Yamamoto was almost an option too that would have been interesting lol
10/13 c12 AnimeMeg27
"Then she glomped me." I haven't seen glomped used in ages lol
Also I was wondering if the other Spartan Teacher names were ever revealed - I've actually been taking notes as I read on all your OCs in this story (I plan on drawing them again, this time with more accurate info, but it's also making me get through the story slower) and couldn't remember if Jack's name was really the only one that was ever revealed - until now XD like damn Alice didn't even know No. Two's name even after being taught by her for like 4 years lol
Excited to get back into the canon story too :3 I'm still much further in the anime rn (I've reached the Varia arc now) but I've slowed down on my episode watching so I can read more of these chapters so eventually I'll be reading and watching everything side by side. That's the goal at least lol
9/29 c6 AnimeMeg27
I. Love. This. Chapter.
Is there a chapter that I don't love tho? probably not lol
Just everything you write is so fun to read. My favorite moments here were the Baseball game in the beginning and Tsuna's perspective at the end.
Honestly this whole field trip just sounds like a lot of fun. I kinda miss field trips..
9/29 c5 AnimeMeg27
GDI it happened again... for CH4: “I couldn’t for my life remember what had happened before Rokudo Mukuro came into the picture” lol same it was all honestly just a blur aside from a couple moments
And for CH5: "I couldn't be bothered to do anything in the morning, actually" also same lol
9/29 c3 AnimeMeg27
Rereading again cuz I failed to keep up with it again last year qwq
But! I am rewatching KHR after like 10 years and I'm currently in the middle of the Kokuyo Gang arc, which is where I stopped here last year lol
So I'm planning on rereading this fanfic and rewatching the anime at the same time w
Also I vaguely remember Liza knowing Alice in much later chapters and I'm wondering now if the first time she realized was when she was reading out her stats, or if her worry was just out of pity for her situation... I could be 100% wrong cuz I literally don't remember nearly anything in future chapters lol
It has been almost 10 years since I first started reading this too - the count down was actually where I stopped back then (it gave me so much anxiety lol).
Also I guess I'm only allowed one review per chapter so I'm throwing this CH2 review in CH3 & hopefully I won't feel the need to write something for chapter 3 in the future lol
Anyway Alice is honestly such a great character.
9/25 c84 9Animeseris
This story was a roller coaster that I loved. An original character that you love, the terror of altering the plot, the conflicts of each character and the innocent romance that made a love triangle well (he was from Tsuna's side: 3 But even if Alice did not stay with him, he did not feel as left aside as in other triangles, but the affection / love had happened to be fraternal in a natural way).
It was also an ingenious idea to use the idea about the trials to justify the reincarnates and how they could alter the destiny / plot without being forced. In addition, the original characters are not exaggerated and their actions have consequences, especially with future knowledge (One forgives you Reborn, two begin to suspect and three take out the gun and threaten for the truth XD)
On the other hand, I cried with the final chapters, you made me feel the sad feelings of the characters about Alice's death and their adult lives along with her trials.
Really beautiful this story, my sincere applause and thanks that you concluded it with everyone meeting at the end (damn Yamamoto creating suspense XD)
2/19 c84 PonderPanda
My heart dropped and wheeled back up again...This is so good.
1/22 c4 1Ieyasus
Came back to reading this since 2016, and I just want to say that as a previous Hibari x Alice reader, I definitely would’ve wholeheartedly prefer Tsuna if it wasn’t for the fact you drove me to a pity corner with how you wrote Hibari LOL. Also with the fact that you’ve written Alice to be a active supporter of Tsuna and Kyoko’s relationship made it hard on my mind to see any other relationship for Tsuna happening any differently. I’m much more of a Tsuna fan after all. Perhaps it’s just me coming back and realizing the massive amount of Hibari x oc fics there are but yeah LOL. I’ve read your bio as well, and it’s a shame that all those chapters were deleted, if anything I would’ve loved to read an alternate chapter(s) on your depiction of how Tsuna came to realize his feelings for Alice. I never liked the idea of love triangles tbh so it would be nice if it was about Tsuna just moving on from Kyoko and realizing it’s just childhood crush or something.
11/28/2020 c3 Coal Krystalia
Ah, so people in Tusna's school are a bit spineless yea?
My expression is a resting bitch face so these people would probably break under my gaze.
I suppose this is why people are scared of Hibari then.
10/29/2020 c15 ronllk
i only wanted to read this fic because of the stellar reviews, but i haven’t really found anything especially great of note :( im sure it’s a nice fic but i think i’m gonna have to drop it here... thanks for writing it though!
9/1/2020 c1 Maryam Clarus
god here I am back again to this fic nothing beats a well written story, I remember when it was still updating and Id wait for every chapter with so much anticipation that I cant keep still
8/24/2020 c62 10AAu.27
I think my heart just broke.
8/23/2020 c51 AAu.27
I mean, at chapter 1, I was so ready to drop this immediately because, huh? Angels? Then I just looked at how the conversations were done, and I went "Eh, I'll stick with it." Then I just went all hyper and read through everything until this chapter and I'm just rolling over my bed at how adorable and suave and charming and cool this scene is! Like, I'm kinda rooting for Hibari since he's awesome, but since I'm a Tsuna fan all the way through, I couldn't help but giggle mad at this. Real life though, I have the same thought process as Alice. I mean come on. I'm antisocial and love my freedom (I'd be a mix of Cloud and Storm if I have flames) coupled with the same angry glare (that's the reason nobody messed with me...much) that I just clicked with the character as I trudged through with the chapters! I absolutely love it!
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