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for My Heavenly Judgement

10/29 c15 ronllk
i only wanted to read this fic because of the stellar reviews, but i haven’t really found anything especially great of note :( im sure it’s a nice fic but i think i’m gonna have to drop it here... thanks for writing it though!
9/1 c1 Maryam Clarus
god here I am back again to this fic nothing beats a well written story, I remember when it was still updating and Id wait for every chapter with so much anticipation that I cant keep still
8/24 c62 6Amnesiac Goldfish
I think my heart just broke.
8/23 c51 Amnesiac Goldfish
I mean, at chapter 1, I was so ready to drop this immediately because, huh? Angels? Then I just looked at how the conversations were done, and I went "Eh, I'll stick with it." Then I just went all hyper and read through everything until this chapter and I'm just rolling over my bed at how adorable and suave and charming and cool this scene is! Like, I'm kinda rooting for Hibari since he's awesome, but since I'm a Tsuna fan all the way through, I couldn't help but giggle mad at this. Real life though, I have the same thought process as Alice. I mean come on. I'm antisocial and love my freedom (I'd be a mix of Cloud and Storm if I have flames) coupled with the same angry glare (that's the reason nobody messed with me...much) that I just clicked with the character as I trudged through with the chapters! I absolutely love it!
8/23 c51 Amnesiac Goldfish
I officially announce this chapter as my favorite!
8/7 c10 Eragon135790
if any teacher or other person who was responsible for me at that time ever wanted me to do something like that(bushdancing or other embressing things) i just always said no they cant force you to do it after all.
8/7 c5 Eragon135790
why is mc letting herself be overrun like that?
8/7 c2 Eragon135790
the say without the eyes they would be forgotten in 2 minutes so if they conversed with eyes closed the talk would be forgotten after 2 minutes?
7/15 c84 3michiko-chan27
Aww. I totally didn't expect an ending like this. I just thought that maybe, they'll be reborn and if fate allows, they'll reunite. But anyway, this is a very great ending
7/15 c82 michiko-chan27
I seriously thought there was atleast a 0.01 percent of Alice wanting to stay though.
7/15 c80 michiko-chan27
"hospital angst" so she'll survive huh?
7/15 c77 michiko-chan27
argh shucks. the timeline is getting frustrating. The tension is so thick gosh.
7/15 c61 michiko-chan27
oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!
7/14 c23 michiko-chan27
d'aww. I thought I'd cry. It didn't drop though. Only got teary. Still, such an amazing chapter
7/14 c15 michiko-chan27
I'm extremely surprised nothing broke
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