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for So Close But So Far

7/2/2014 c4 6owlhero
Zack running away is understandable. Its too bad he did not make it out. It would have something to the story.
lol...Julian. Gee I wonder where you got that name from?

This is perfect Moseby. Directly confronting Zack with the news but listening to the troublemaker silently as he told his side of the story. Maybe there's a slimmer of hope for Zack. But I don't know. That's too easy.

Cody's emotions are quick and dangerous. It would so easy for this to turn tragic if he loses control. But even with the best turn of events, the twins' normal world has fallen apart and their independence may go down the drain.
7/2/2014 c3 owlhero
Focusing on the parents here first was a smart idea. It brings the impact resulting from Bailey's death full circle. I feel horrible for Moseby for having to do that responsibility for his job. Clyde's reaction is justified even its a little unfair to take it out on Moseby. Although I suspect it would be unhealthy for Zack to be within arm's reach of him.

Being eaten alive by guilt is the worst. I can imagine what its like to someone's life taken away from your actions.

I cant the students being able to hold their suspicions to themselves after an event like that and the teachers not knowing about it. I think London was a little quick to forgive Zack but giving him the money was believable. Even if the amount was a little much.
5/4/2014 c2 owlhero
I like this flasnback setup than the first chapter.

Cody's pain is so real here between the throwing up and the depression. The memories poison in his veins. The chill in the memories mocking him with what he has lost. Without school to distract him, there's no way to know how far he will fall.

Bailey's actions of revealing her emotions could show a frustration with how slow Cody has been with trying to woo her.
5/4/2014 c1 owlhero
The jumping into the story and the emotions here is very daring and shocking to the reader. I do like the details you put into Cody's first scene. Of course you made it easy to figure out where the story is set in the series.

Thr flashback is a little jarring considering itsno t fun Cody but third person. Its a nice idea though. The girl talk between Bailey is fine since we know London does have a caring side even though it does not show itself often. As for Bailey's background, I tend to think she saw the signs and was just waiting for Cody to take the lead. As for anything to do with Zack, she's a normal young lady who's bound to notice Zack's handsome especially he's Cody's twin. i could see them going toa party as friends. Besides the pilot episode there was not aything obvious between them for the most part.

The party seems a little cliched but its really hard ti do something without doing what you did, so I cannot be too hard on you for it. As for the dancing, I am a little hesitant Bailey would dance like that at first. Granted the time on board could have opened her eyes on a lot of things. Now if she had alcohol before that, all bets are off. As for the drugs, I really dont believe she willingly take the drugs in normal for. Now dissolved in the drink, fine. That's happpens a lot in crime cases.

The same thing goes with the bedroom activiites. Two teenagers drunk with hormones raging is pretty much an open invition for anything. But I do not think Zack would take advantage of Bailey since he knows Cody is attracted to her. Heck, they spit-shook on it.

As for Frank and his opinion of Zack, the episodes do give some shadow of truth to it. Besides that he's a normal one off teenage charcter so far. But he does serve a purpose to create the tension. At least Zack tried to get some sense of nobility back. Even though what he did to Bailey does tend to darken it. All for nothing.

Poor Cody, he's going to be in for a world of pain.
2/28/2013 c4 Guest
I like this twist on this show its very interesting when will u finish tge rest of it?
8/16/2012 c4 Meep
Pretty good story please update soon
12/15/2011 c3 Sami
5/29/2011 c1 Anonymous
Holy Crap... The Beginning Had Me Crying...
2/14/2011 c3 ThaisWP
This is so sad! T_T

Can't wait for more!
2/12/2011 c3 13deathlyhallows123
The story was a bit rushed, interesting storyline.
2/12/2011 c2 deathlyhallows123
I'll continue, nice writing.
2/12/2011 c1 deathlyhallows123
This is totally out of character for Zack. Don't even get me started on Bailey.

Firstly, Zack would never do it with Bailey. Sure, he thinks she is attractive, but finds her annoying.

Bailey isn't attracted to Zack, and doesn't even care for him. When has she hung out with him and Cody wasn't there? She only has to deal with him through Cody.

And Zack wouldn't do that to his brother. I don't disagree he would let loose at parties, but he would never do it with someone who his brother genuinely liked. The French girl in French 101 was one thing, Bailey is totally different.

But I will give you credit for a well written story.
1/22/2011 c3 your Mama
you had too kill bailey you should be acemed of your self !:'[
1/15/2011 c1 jenpen10
i love the zack/bailey in this chapter! :) i cant believe they had sex! I LOVE IT! :D
1/9/2011 c2 70tiger002
Perhaps you could have shown more of Cody's thoughts or added more detail to the dream, but the chapter got the point across. I could feel Cody's pain in teh dream, knowing that it could never come true. Update soon.
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