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7/21 c21 Divine Protector of Skyrim
I really enjoyed this story. One of the most pleasurable I’ve read. Good luck on your first novel. Is there any sequel planned for this? It’ll probably be after you release your novel.
5/30 c21 Caver Floyd
This was a really good story. It didn't drag on excessively long, but still had a satisfying conflict and conclusion. The only problem I had with it was the relationship between Helen and Jason. It started way too fast on Jason's part. Helen's side of it is more believable, since he saved her life and she's had a crush for 10 years (though that time frame is really long to be longing for a person that you only had a single encounter with and never saw again). He went straight from vaguely recognizing her to being in love with her within a few days.
9/19/2019 c21 I Judicator
This was a great story! I'm shocked it doesn't have more coverage.
1/10/2015 c9 Goldspark1
I know the force gives you feelings but I do not think it gives you the ability to read mines. Influence them yes, but not complete control.
3/2/2013 c19 8GreyWolf93
Forerunner Death Star. I honestly did not see that coming. Good job!
2/24/2012 c21 4dezagonj
Enjoyed the story and it was really well written and planned out. I liked how you melded their techs and kept them on equal footing through the fighting.
5/17/2011 c8 2Bobbish
This is a good story, but there are times (like when the jedi effortlessly sliced the hunter's sheild) where it feels like you slightly nerfed the covanant.
3/17/2011 c21 2ThetaGraphics
Excellent story! While the Covenant seemed a bit underpowered against the Republic at times, (I think they would have fared better during space battles at least) the clashes were well done. I really liked the whole origin of the Death Star concept. ;)
2/8/2011 c7 3EsotericGhost
I like this story!
12/7/2010 c21 1Nachtrae
I liked this story a lot :D It had a good storyline, interesting characters and the whole fic was written very well. I liked how you placed the Star Wars world not in the KOTOR settings or in that of any of the movies. It was different and quite a nice change. The different perspectives in the story (Covenant and the Republic) was done very well! You clearly showed that neither side considered themselves or their actions to be evil. Well, aside from the Sith who are evil bastards :D But they know it and are probably quite proud of it too haha.

When reaching the point where the Covenant started to learn about the Destroyed, I kept thinking it might be the Star Forge and that the map would in fact be inside one of the Star Maps you have to find in the KOTOR game. Yes, that would make the Rakata and Forerunners one and the same, but that wouldn't have been to strange considering that both were once powerful empires. I was surprised to learn that it had nothing to do with the Forge, but I didn't really care. The Death Star made his first appearance after all :3 Sneaky Trepid to leave that info behind for people to use 2000 years or so later. But so very Sith like. Always aiming for galactic domination.

While I usually don't like stories that revolve solely around original characters, you made it work simply by creating good characters and putting the story in a time when other characters like Revan and Malak are but figures in the history books (liked how you occasionally dropped their names in the story though). Personally I would have liked to see a familiar name pass by, if only with that character being a descendant off one of the KOTOR characters. But that's just me and I'm a bit weird. Especially since I kept hoping good ol' Revan would show up somehow despite him being dead for roughly 2000 years (hey, they never told us what he found on the outer rim. What if he found some sort of technology that stops him from aging! ^-^). I just like Revan as a character to much :3 And while I would have loved to see him in the story, I don't think he would've fit in anyway.

So, all in all a great story that I loved reading. Keep up the great work!

11/8/2010 c21 1Liktra
Great story. I especially like the Halo/Star Wars crossovers that take place at some other time than the Clone Wars. Have the whole story centered around original characters took some getting use to, but you did a good job at keeping me entertained. Seeing Sith and Jedi working together toward a common goal was not something I ever expected to see. At first I thought that Helan and Cris Terrek were in some way related to Booster and Mirax Terrik, but research proved a different spelling. I also noticed that Star Destroyers and A-wings were mentioned, and that slightly confused me as I thought that they were both post Rise of the Empire. Again research proved helpful as Star Destroyers was a term used for some ships during the Old Republic, and even though the A-wing I know of was designed and built post Battle of Yavin, you had supplied another name for the fighter that told me that the two were not the same. It's cool how you explained the origins for the Death Star plans.

On the Halo side of thing I find less to take note of other than a slight error were you referred to the Hunters as Mega-Lekgolo instead of Mgalekgolo. I think my only real disappointment with the story is that there were no Republic/UNSC encounters. I kept hoping to find Grey Team stealthfully piggybacking one of the Covenant ships, or for the Republic to come across the aft section of the Forward Unto Dawn where they would find the Master Chief. Though I guess I can see how interaction with the Spartans could alter the later Star Wars events.

Over all good work. I did see a few errors, but nothing really stood out much other than a single misspelled two-letter word. There might have also been a spot were a word was missing from a sentence. I also have an opinion about the speed of your presentation. It is nice to read a story all the way through without having to wait for the next chapter, but by releasing the whole story in one day makes it hard for people to comment on any specific chapter. Like I read the whole story, noticed some grammatical errors, and now that I'm done with the reading I can't remember where those errors were. Personally I think I would go with releasing a chapter a day if the author completed the story prior to releasing it.

Keep up the good work. It would be nice to see more stories from you.

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