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for The Undead Next Door

12/20/2015 c2 Skyeberrys
Gutted this one wasn't continued it had a very good story line
12/16/2014 c2 kitty cat
please continue! :)
5/30/2013 c2 maddy
i cant belive your not going to finish this it is so good and its so hard to find a good story with pam in It. dam I would have loved to know were u would of taken this
12/23/2012 c2 Brichisa
I'm really enjoying this... Thanks for putting it up
11/27/2012 c2 raf-51
It's such a great beginning, I can't believe you're not finishing it.
And it's so hard to find good stories with Pam, I hope someday you'll give us more.
2/17/2012 c2 Lilly Isles
I like your fiction, put the suit soon. xo

Goodbye, Lilie.
4/19/2011 c2 DavidZahir
I would love to read more of this.
3/14/2011 c2 12InfernumLilith
Very nice story!When the next chapter coming up?
2/28/2011 c1 Rachel
Just found this, ino its been a while since you updated but PLEASE continue ... i like where this is going.

I love Pam and Eric together, they are great!
1/30/2011 c2 Mary
Please, dont´t stop *.*
11/20/2010 c2 69Touch of the Wind
Great story- I kinda hope that Godric makes a visit- the way him and Eric act around each other would cause the housewives to gossip no doubt- Pam's handsome husband with a 15 year old! Lol!
11/15/2010 c2 10Skye007lex
wahoo! Soooooo happy you continued this! Can't wait for the dinner party! This story will be even more interesting than I first thought since you've decided to make vamps not out of the coffin yet.
11/7/2010 c1 Skye007lex
Omg! What a perfect idea for a pairing! Pam and Bree will be amazing! Great idea, and I *really* hope you continue this.
11/7/2010 c1 3anonymous deleted
Hi. This is great. I'm so glad you thought of this!

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