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for Last Friday Night

8/7/2016 c1 AZSeaOtter
1/24/2014 c1 bethelove
good one
7/28/2013 c1 Guest
more please love it :)
12/30/2011 c1 BEGiant
great one shot. Funny and creative. Would make a good short story. Hope you continue it.
12/9/2011 c1 7Sxkitn
OH.. I love it... why cant I wake up after a drunken night and be married to someone like that.. soooooo not fair... ;)
8/21/2011 c1 jroxraytech
Oh i absolutely love this story.
8/8/2011 c1 brandy p
Great job. Hope you continue it soon.
7/28/2011 c1 B-Rock525
Oh this was fun!
6/7/2011 c1 Angiestl
There's another story similar but different enough that I'd still love to see what happens in this one. The similarities are Vegas, drunken Sookie, and a wedding. Everything else seems to be different. And I already know you're a kick ass writer so I'm sure yours will be awesome too!
5/28/2011 c1 SookieEriclover
must read more please! hahahaha
4/20/2011 c1 1BlazingPhoenix29
Amazing. Hope to see some new stuff.
4/17/2011 c1 jj
love it hope you continue it!
3/15/2011 c1 7kleannhouse
OMG that was too funny. i loved it i hope you continue it, it would be nice to read it in EPOV especially when he hits Bill to protect Sookie and how exactly they ended up married. Pam is too funny, i love her... thank Kristie
3/9/2011 c1 17notashamedtobe
Oh that was fun
1/27/2011 c1 4TMSescritura
That was a really fun read. I can only imagine what might come next.
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