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8/9/2018 c12 Mona69
I just knew Bella would be pregnant!
7/4/2018 c14 HiraFrance
It was such a long road for them to getting together :)
Thanks guys!
7/4/2018 c13 HiraFrance
Things seem to be in their favor :)
Thanks guys!
7/4/2018 c12 HiraFrance
Well, E did what he thought was right and B does understand that. I'm so glad he came to her and that he finally has the chance to tell B the whole story.
Thanks guys!
7/4/2018 c11 HiraFrance
Rose finally got the help she needed long ago and Phil isn't tied to that biatch anymore, see he's a gold guy finally :)
So, E is in Forks and I hope it will work out.
Thanks guys!
7/4/2018 c10 HiraFrance
The only thing B didn't do right is to not let E explain himself. Otherwise, well done!
Alice is a great friend and Angela might be just as great :)
Thanks guys!
7/4/2018 c9 HiraFrance
It didn't go like I've hoped, but B has finally grown some balls and for that I'm so proud of her :)
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c8 HiraFrance
Just one word: Finally!
They will need all the strength to face Alec and Renee.
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c7 HiraFrance
I want to punch E so hard! After all B has shared with him, how could he has thought that leaving B was the right thing to do, to give her a chance to be happy surround by pretentious arses!
Well, now I hope E will save her for good.
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c6 HiraFrance
After all this time...
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c5 HiraFrance
It's been years now and B is engaged? Oh nooooooo...
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c4 HiraFrance
They were so close and now he's gone...
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c3 HiraFrance
R is an evil bi tch, isn't she! I wanna hold B in my arms and tell her it will be alright...
I'm glad it was "skip day", so B had E just for her :)
Excellent chapter, thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c2 HiraFrance
I love how they are around each other... I feel the pull too :)
Rose worries me, seriously...
Thanks guys!
7/3/2018 c1 HiraFrance
Like B, I get why she would say she's lucky in a way... But her life seems a little sad too...
Thanks to R for using her connections :)
Great chapter, thanks guys!
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