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for The Sword is in the Stone

2/4/2014 c1 7TheGoddamnRiddler
I love this so much. It's hilarious and the humor was very well done. I swear, these two are like my OTP, why are there only like 3 fanfics of them?
4/29/2012 c1 bahaha
So Carn has an Urgal fetish? Does this mean that when Roran wrestled Yarbog in Brisingr, Carn had the most massive hard-on of his life? I sincerely hope it does.

...Aaaand, someone needs to write that. *snort*

This was hilarious, by the way.
3/2/2012 c1 I knew it
I /couldn't/ have been the only one to ship these two on late nights when anything goes. XD

It amused me that he has a thing for Kull.

I might actually write that.

Dear God, the possibilities...

Yes, thank you for this amusing little piece and the ideas you've set aflaring in my head.
1/27/2012 c1 30Elvarya
So, I wrote a Carn/Roran fic (because, yeah. They're totally in love) to deal with my IV ~feelings~ and someone in a review mentioned that there were only two others, and that one of them was "kind of a crack fic." I'm assuming that means yours and... I couldn't stop laughing. I'm assuming by the fact that you said you wrote it to be humorous that that was the intended reaction. I was in a TERRIBLE mood and wanted to read fanfiction, so I went and searched Carn and Roran and, let me tell you, after reading this, I am no longer in a bad mood ;D Danke!
1/6/2012 c1 1Umbria Tenebrae
If not for the gay s3x part, this was great.

I have always seen Carn as a young adult and not an old man, though either image is innapropriate for this situation...
12/30/2011 c1 5Schemilix
Help... I can't breathe! As someone who had a 'would ship if not for Katrina' moment with this, the pisstake about disregarding wives and senseless OOC gay times... and the dialogue... this... is very funny.
9/1/2011 c1 Someone In Your Fridge
Wats with the urgals

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