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4/29/2018 c8 7a5thKira
Mello:Do you think chocolate is bad for you?
3/24/2012 c8 Tarusenacrow Ciel's Brother
Okay this is interesting so I'll join in. oc Yami crow

BB: are you a cannibal? Is that why you like blood floored sweets?

Mello: Is your favorite chocolate Kit Kats, they're awesome,so?

L: Did you tell anyone that, *twitch* I am your successor? Please do or I'll use my Kira powers on you!

Matsuda: It's okay you needed to kill Light. Have you ever thought of being Kira but better?

Light: Simple I hate you, are you upset that I've used the Deathnote to kill people in a funnyier way than heart attacks?

Yami Crow out "the world will not end as long as I simply kill everyone right? "•^• :|
11/11/2011 c8 1cheetahluv16
YAY! You replied! Anyways, new questions!

Near: Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Mello: Do you and Matt have a thing for each other?

Matt: -steals goggles- We're swimming in gym on Monday. I need these more than you! That wasn't a question. . . Oh well!

Light: Why are you SO MUCH like a stereotypical Valley Girl? Need to have perfect hair, dress your best, have everyone love you, use others so that you can get what you want, and probably have NOTHING on the lower half, if you catch my drift.

L: How do you sit like that? I'f tried, but it seems to painfully stretch a tendon or muscle in my foot, then cause it to lock in place. . . Like it currently is. . . -sigh- Next question for you: I've hear'd your good at foot-rubs. Can you please give me one just so that my feet will stop hurting? It was YOUR influence that caused it. . . And I'll give you candy.

Ryuk: i have no questions, so instead I shall give you permission to eat from the apple tree in my backyard. . . But be careful. The deer and bugs like them, too. . .
11/8/2011 c8 Moonlight Myst
THEY ARE CALLED WARA NINGYO! Srry. I had to get tht out. Oh, & the wara ningyo do have specific importance in the L.A. BB Murder Cases. And more to do w/the locked rooms than u'd think. And now for some reason I can' stop thinking about Akizukin Cha Cha(total spoiler & referece to the book)I am insane,but I'm not psyco. I can pull off L's smile very well.(random fact about me)

Okay. I now have my questions.

L:Hello L-sy.-gives creepy,but cute L smile- Sorry, but I've the uncontrolable urge to ask this. Would u like some coffe w/tht sugar?(Oh Goddess! I'm being a complete weirdo for asking tht.) Well,anyways, I made u a cake! It's peanut butter & strawberry jam cake!-gives cake to L- And I may be a total fan,but I'm not one of those weirdo over-reacting,crazy nutjobs of a fangirl. I go by my own standards.

Light:I am against u,Kira. By using the DN like tht u r upsetting the balance between good & evil,which could lead to many horrible possibilities. Now for the questions. Y the bloody hell do people keep doing yaoi of u & L? What part of mortal enemies do they not understand? Besides tht, L IS NOT GAY! And neither are u. Misa is far to bubbly, making her act stupid. How do u stand tht?

Matsuda:I notice tht a lot of people underestimate u. Y do u think tht is?

Misa:What is ur favorite color?

BB:A whole jar of strawberry jam just 4 u!-gives BB the jam- Y do u love the manga Akizukin Cha Cha so much?

Near:Here's a really hard 5,000 piece puzzle. Let's see how long it takes u to solve it on ur own,shall we?

Mello:What's the most embarassing thing u would ever do for a chocalate bar,Mells?
11/8/2011 c4 Moonlight Myst
LOL! Thinking of a good question to ask L.
11/8/2011 c3 Moonlight Myst
Actually Near is an albino. Alow me to explain. His eyes don't have to be red. Red eyes are actually pretty rare for albinos, gray or a pale blue is most common. He has poor eyesight-ex.throws a dart & misses even though he aimed w/precision-. He has very pale skin. He perfers to stay inside-albinos get sunburned very easily-. Basicly, he has the traits needed to be albino. I may be knew here, but I know exactly what I'm talking aboout. You may go on & continue believing as you wish whether he is albino or not. Just don't try to change my mind, for I am childishly stubborn.

P.S. I shall think of a question for L. I don't want to ask something stupid or obvious.
11/7/2011 c8 5Silence-Can-Kill
Taki: Since I am most likely the only sane reviewer, here are my questions:

All- Are any of you bronies?

Your favorite bands?

And to Misa- Just drop that fucker like a rock, he abuses you. *Evil glare towards Light*
11/7/2011 c8 18Tori-Moved-On
Hey! I'm Cassandra, Color's OC from her up-and-coming story Cassandra.

Dear BB,

In the story you are my mentor in all things career killer. In the canon, would you ever take an apprentice? Oh, by the way, this is for you *tosses jar of jam*

Dear Mello,

In the story you calm down whenever someone pet's the back if your head. Does this work in real life?

Dear Light,

Who would win in a fight, Michael Jackson or Chris Martin lead singer of Coldplay? How would the winner hold up against L?

Dear L,

In your opinion, is being Near's brother in Color's AU fanfiction wired in any way?

Dear Near,

Who would win in a fight: Mello or Matt? What if Color played winner?

That's it! Hope you like my questions. Oh! And I brought presents!

Beyond: A new knife (A high-quality one, too. Not any cheap shit)

Mello: Persian chocolates (not the rancid ones from iCarly$

Light: A huge bag of BBQ potato chips (brand name, not generic)

L: My brother's Halloween candy (he has a kanker sore, so he can't eat it.)

Near: A variety pack of dominoes, dice, tarot cards, and playing cards.

Everyone to share: Coldplay's new album, Mylo Xyloto. There has to be a Coldplay fan among you SOMEWHERE!
11/7/2011 c8 FlameSpear
You are by far, THE AWESOMEST EVAR.

I ish vary randoom. Bewarez

Hey.Hey.Heeeey.You. Wif da beiber hair. DO YOU LIEK PIE?


Whammy~:Do u trust roger with da orfanage alone? :V

BB: Do chu eat penz?

Misa: Ur HILARIOUS, trusting beiber-face. 'Nuff said.



Maggie-Baka:ALL HAIL MAGGIE-BAKA-SAMA. THAT'S RIGHT KIRA *points finger accusingly at Light* U NO GOD. *ahem* Maggie-Baka-Sama, *puppydog eyes* Y u so awesomer than L?


Ryuk: Do you approve of my shinigami laugh; TROLL TROLL TROLL (In replace of ur hyuks)

8/29/2011 c6 Sheepking
Hai peepleses!1!1!

It's meeeee, ur favorit king ov sheeps!

Seriously, though, I've been reading a lot of theories about Death Note and one's been bugging me. SOoooooo...

Shinigami King (Cuz he probably knows this more than anyone)- Is it true what the fans have been saying? Do some Death Note users become Shinigami when they die? If yes, was Light one of them?
7/7/2011 c7 Sheepking


Ryuk- If you ever get bored again, would you drop your Death Note again? If so, where?

Light- If you could do the whooooole thing over, would you change anything? If so, what?

L- can I have that gun you didn't use on the shoe guy and the veggies?

BB- What is it with you and voodoo dolls?

L again- Can I write a fic where I give you an Ancient Egyptian lie detector? Pleeeeeaaaase?

Ummm... Tha's all 4 now. BYEEE!
6/12/2011 c7 1cheetahluv16
YO! Back alone! I've got a bunch of facts, and I wanna know what ya THINK about your connection through this.

Near: Your voice actress also plays a baby dragon named Spike in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He's far from the smartest character, and generally only wants to sleep, eat gems, or hit on a unicorn. How does this connection make you feel? (God, I sound like my psychiatrist. . .)

Light: YOUR voice actor in Japanese is ALSO the voice actor for Death the Kid, the son of Death himself who will pretty much end up being the equivelent of God. . . Though he actually FIGHTS in BADASS ways, not writes people's names in puny notebooks like some kind of psycho-nerd. How does this make you feel?

L: Did you know there are cake flavoured lollipops? Did you know they taste NOTHING like cake? It's rather disappointing. . .

Mello: You're Japanese voice actor also voices some guy called Shigeki Yaoi. . . Shigeki YAOI. Do you think this has any connection to you? With how you look. . . I think it does.

Matt: True or False: Real men play MarioKart.
6/9/2011 c7 deleted account tbh
Ooh, I have questions! :D

Okay, first Mello-yello. If you had to choose between not eating chocolate for six months or kissing Near, which would it be? You HAVE to choose one. You can't say neither. This is a life-or-death situation. And you're not allowed to choose death.

Second, Light I'm-a-gay. Do you ever feel guilty about killing criminals, or feel sorry for the families of criminals you killed? btw I hate you.

L. Why did you wash Light's feet? That was so weird. o.o

And lastly, Ryuk. You're awesome. Have an apple. Now the question; what is the craziest thing you've ever done for an apple(s)?
5/14/2011 c6 SongOfTheShadows
This is really good. Please continue. I have a question based off of a political qoute. L if you had a plate of vegetables, Light (Kira), and the inventor of shoes. You only had a gun with 2 bullets. Who would you shoot?
5/12/2011 c6 7mindashii
Hey! I'm Andy's OC Avaa :D

You mentioned earlier you needed names for Shoulder Devil and Shoulder Angel? I have a few :)

Tenshi: Japanese for Angel.

Akuma: Japanese for Devil.

If you don't like them it's ok :3

BTW I'm not crazy like other reviewers. *twitches* Maybe...

Near: Dude. You have to MAKE TIME for a Social Life. Me. You. Friday night. I'll bring you by force if I have to. Got it?

L: Do you still have a crush on Misa? *winks*

Misa: DUN DUN DUN. You just found out L is Kira. Would you dump Light for him?

Light: I respect you, dude! *hugs* I personally think your awesome and your psycho laugh is sexy!

Matt: Do YOU have time for a SOCIAL LIFE? *glares at Near*
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