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for Immortality

5/6/2012 c1 wolf of the abyss
one of the sadder stories u have written almost made me cry but i digress and i see thet u are still writing good good luck and hurry up with the sequel to beneth this gruff exerior
11/24/2011 c1 Lillith Rhiannon
Aww. :(

Dogmeat was my favorite! I'm much too lazy to log in, but, this was really sad and very well written!
9/30/2011 c1 Marskatr
Oh no... *sniffles* But I love Dogmeat... I remember he got killed once in Springvale Elementary by the raiders, and I went all mad with angry and murdered them all. The Lone Wanderer in my head was sad and she sat in a corner sniffling sadly. (I imagine my characters as living in the apartment complex of my head. Heh.) Well, this is well written and even though it's sad I like it.
7/28/2011 c1 General janitor
I Always Saw Them Dieing In the Project purity Room Thats Not A Spoiler Becuase I Havent Said What Happens There SO HA...
2/20/2011 c1 1queenofheart2490
Wow...madee me cry :( very well done. I am currently working on a oneshot similar to this one about Dogmeat's death. Very sad so far. I was inspired by a scene in one of the best movies ever I Am Legend when Sam the dog died and this fic. Nice job :)
2/14/2011 c1 5Heir-to-the-throne
oh, wow...i...i think i'm gonna cry...
1/23/2011 c1 Antivertigo
Reminds me of the first time Dogmeat died when I played . . . we were in The Mall, and got ambushed by about four Super Mutants. Dogmeat rushed and I couldn'tget to him in time. For being a virtual dog, I sure saw red when I read 'Dogmeat has died.' Those Super Mutants didn't last long.

Wonderfully sad short story, and true to the game. Long live Dogmeat! ^.^
12/10/2010 c1 hello
how does this story have only 3 reviews? it was really good
11/19/2010 c1 13HK-47 Scarlet
I just had Dogmeat die in my last file, and I couldn't reload the game because I did too much. Damn, now I feel bad. Every time Dogmeat dies I'm going to think of this fic!

Anyway, this was very well written and was quite a tear jerker. It tugged at my heartstrings a bit.

Great job.
11/18/2010 c1 SCreen
This story...reminded me of all my best friends that I've lost over the years.
11/12/2010 c1 11Vault108
That was sad yet so true as to how the LW would feel losing his companion like that. Well written.

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