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for Happy Tree Friends truth or dare

12/15/2017 c16 Guest
Cuddles is by far my favorite and flippy is also amazing ...WHO AM I KIDDING THEYRE ALL CUTE BUT GORY I LOVE IT !
Ok now for questions
Russell:what happened to your legs
Pop:wheres your wife?did you divorce?
Handy:I’m sorry about your arms I really wish I could do something about it
Nutty:is sugar like smoking to you?
Splendid:were you born with powers?
Lifty and shifty:I’m not sure if you guys are you?
Lumpy:do you have any idea why you’re taller than everyone else?
Last question
In total how many times have you all died ?
10/16/2017 c16 TVwolf
Can I be in it? It so, I am a light blue wolf with blue eyes and wings.
Flippy and I are friends.
I HATE Flaky.
Im OKAY with Lifgty and Shifty
I don't like Giggles
Cuddles is cool
Everyone else is fine.
IF I CAN BE IN IT, PLS ADD ME! Also my name is TV
4/14/2017 c16 Emma Rose
I Dare Flaky to kiss Russel!
9/8/2015 c16 8rozzelinne
Hello! I'm rose. I dare L and BB to hide, change into the same clothes then kill yourselves if someone guesses who each of you are within 1 guess XD I'm so sadistic...

Evil, try kill Zalgo

Jigsaw, think of a 'game' for everyone to play
2/16/2015 c1 CartoonElla327
Flippy: Confess your feelings... to Petunia(wait, what?!)
Petunia: Pretend to be flattered and go on a date with him
Cub: Play with a boozaka! A loaded one

Mr Pickles: Why do you hate evryone so much?
Lammy: If Mr Pickles is so dangerous, why do you still keep him?
Flaky: If you could go on a date with Evil Flippy, would you do it?

I was bored. Sorry if this so boring for you. Byezzzzzzzz! :))))))
9/26/2014 c16 fhc-fxfanreader
hey ya guys!look,i am sooooooo interested by your charters and sooo much funny!i wish that you would continue it! :)
D-flippy,evil:one of you should have a nice date with flaky(evil please dont kill anyone while you're having a date with flaky)
T-flaky:who's better to date with?
D-flaky:do the anaconda thingy!(im so bad!haha XD)
T-lizzy,flippy,evil:what's your comment bout' flaky?
D-nutty:i dare you to share your candies and chocolates to everyone
T-russel:do you ever had a pirate girlfriend?
D-DB:do this step by step,k?! 1-eliminate,but dont flush it...2-cut your WHOLE hair...3-whipe your ass using your hair,DO NOT USE TISSUE!
D-evil:kiss flaky in the lips for 1 minute
T-flaky:is evil's lips good or not?
D-evil:go and kill chucky (chucky doll) 20 times
T-flippy:watch evil while killing chucky and do it the same way to justin bieber!(OH YEAH)
D-lizzy:who's the winner?evil or chucky?!
that's all!tnx guys!
7/20/2014 c16 Guest
Nicky blue213

Ok I'm going for the dirty dares
Evil,flippy,flaky:go and have a threesome
Mole:why are you blind?
7/9/2014 c16 catbooklover2004
Truth for Handy: Where's your ears, bro? Or what happened to them?(When we see him without his hat, he doesn't have ears)
6/28/2014 c13 snowflakeiceninja
6/28/2014 c9 snowflakeiceninja
Russell:...why am I hardly in these HTF fanfic.. ;-;
Me:le don't worry Russell in my random HTF fic u mostly gonna b in it 8D

(Lol random comment or wutever and I WAS BORED OK? DONT MAKE MEH KILL U BITCHES :has skittle bazooka with meh:)
3/23/2014 c1 1HTFFan
3/23/2014 c16 1HTFFan
Sorry on the my apperance with Kayla, my OC, which is my age and name in real. What i meant to say was that: but she wears diffrent clothes, i dont know why im saying this but her bra size is the same as mine i guess a 28a but it have lil pads on there LOL :D Im just plain crazy, and her army clothes are camo. Tht's all i want to say :D best show i ever watched
3/23/2014 c15 1HTFFan
Sorry forgot to put ma user on my OC :D hope u get these reviews and make more and more chapters
3/23/2014 c15 Guest
I have an OC:
Name:Kayla(which is my name in rl)
Age:11(also my age)
Apperances:Is a gray female wolf, that somehow went into the war, and wear a military tank top, military skirt, , with long black hair that stops at the end of her tail, and the same hat as Flippy or a military bow to match outfit. But she wear diffrent why im sayin this but her bra size is like mine which is i guess 28a but bra got lil pads on them:D im just plain her army clothes camo.
Personality:She is funny, always laughing, crazy, althetic, she play basketball, but when she get angry its not fucking pretty, she can sometimes flip out though. And she has a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY huge crush on Flippy.
3/23/2014 c16 1HTFFan
I have a couple of truths and dares BTW this is the best show eva :D and im only a 11 year old girl

Truths:All the girls in the room, would you take a shower with Disco Bear or would you let him watch you go to the bathroom?
Giggles: Why are you such a whore?

(Giggles): Have sex with ALL the boys you went out with in front of Cuddles.
(Cuddles): Do whateva you want to Giggles.
(Flippy,Evil,Splendid,Splendont, and any other boys that wanna join): Attempt to beat up Goku, from Dragonball Z while he's super sayian 3 or 5(Liz or Lizzy if you dont know what Dragonball z is watch an episode.)
All i will do for now :)
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