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11/13/2010 c1 1Itsa Riddle
Awwww this was very cute yet also somewhat sad, I feel bad for both Taylor and Pike :-( It was cool to get more insight on the characters though, Poor Taylor though! She lost 3 husbands jeez!
11/9/2010 c1 11Lady Reva
Hallo Kleines

This is sad, but very well written. Oddly enough, it's actually the kind of situation I can imagine Pike in. (he is one of my favorite characters in the movie btw.)

I do hope you end up writing about him a bit more. (that would be a hint, a big one, in case you didn't notice it)


11/9/2010 c1 8Ladey Jezzabella
I loved this, then again I love anything you write! Good work :) xxx
11/9/2010 c1 8Dean's Leather Jacket
Awwwww! So sweet! And definitely kind of sad... and oddly enough, kinda reminds me of my brother... Odd comment I know. My brother is 31 and he's with a woman who's 47. I'm an awful person and call her a Cougar. Not to her face, obviously, because that would be awful, but now that I've met her and I like her a lot I call her by her name when referring to her. Anyway, I ramble again. I've gotta go read the next chapter of "All Blue and Green"!
11/9/2010 c1 Shrem Teddy
Auntie R, how could you make something so sad? *sob* I love Mimi! We knit all the time, and she's really really funny! And nice! And her hair is cool! Could you give her a hug from me, please?

Anyways, Mom forgot to tell you a couple things, so she stole my review... She found an awesome story you should probably read! If you have time, find someone called 'nerdielady'. She's sure you've already heard of her, but she has a couple really cool stories. I mean, they don't have any Andorian Teddy Bears in them, so they're not as cool as me, but they're pretty good. One is called 'A Pearl of Great Price' and it's about that old Spock guy (the NEW old one!) and some new lady name Durra, who's Nyota's Aunt, I guess... She won't let me read them; she says that they're too grown up for a little (Andorian) Teddy Bear like me... But there are a couple more stories to follow that, and they are good too. Oh, and Mom agrees about the Pysch eval... She said she'll go with HER mom (Grandma Mylrea) when she gets a MRI next week!

Huh. This is getting long, isn't it? When Fern gets home from school today, I'm gonna review EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER big Shrem is in, just to say hi! :D

~Shrem Teddy
11/9/2010 c1 6Fernsfairie
Oh. Oh. Oh. I kinda always felt like Chris was holding a torch for Miriam but this is so sad. :( I'm not gonna let Shrem Teddy read this; he'd get far too mopey! (We're well aware he's inanimate, but now he has his own email address, so we have to be quite careful!)

Oh, and I'll be 15 on December 5th, in 24 days! Yeah, I'm counting the seconds... I'm hoping to get this awesome hat from my mom that says "Complete and Utter Nerd Walking!" on it, but she would have too FIND one for that too happen. One can dream, one can dream.

~Fern Rose

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