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6/28 c1 ingramethan698
To die stuck your self kushina would never do that to another jinjuriki dam you to hell
6/3 c1 ThePhenoix11
Why did you take his name...
6/17/2019 c3 1MysticRising
This is a pretty good divergence from how this scene worked in canon... except you forgot about Anko throughout. She is bot the type to just sit back and do nothing while naruto fights. Nah, she seems too bloodthirsty and impatient to do that.
3/29/2019 c2 lol
hope your parents are dead
1/4/2019 c10 Guest
Really do hope you plan to update this. Its a treat read.
12/7/2018 c10 Chue19
I like this story so far
10/26/2018 c10 8Fanficlover2017
Do you ever plan to update this story? Please update!
10/7/2018 c10 Borello
damnit. the story is great and really interesting.
10/7/2018 c10 Borello
damnit. i hoped to read more chapter. the story is great.
9/21/2018 c5 Guest
Wait a second, how can naruto function as a spy on konoha AND be leaving konoha? Which is it? Also why would he even agree to that? He hates the idea of being used by sarutobi but orochi wants to use him too, isn't it just exchanging one shackle for another? He should be saying "no dice" to that one.
9/21/2018 c4 Guest
I think the entire village is acting a bit PSYCHOTIC! Not only that but naruto's killed HOW many chunnin/jounin now?
9/20/2018 c2 Guest
Wait a second, how is ayane at home and watching the bastard child AND on a mission with naruto's guardians? I think you are trying too many things at once. (with a very limited cast) Also I thought itachi was supposed to leave "the women, the children and the elderly" alive, SURELY there was more then 2 women and children in TOTAL! (it seems kinda mathematically IMPOSSIBLE if there wasn't)
5/20/2018 c10 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it a shame that you gave up on it.
5/10/2018 c1 Thwelastlotus
Rutaxon...wtf thats the most cheesiest name ive ever heard its just so stupid i cringed ten fold
3/14/2018 c4 ahzkwoajsjw
gwt ready to d d DUEL
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