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1/2 c1 22Fidelis Scriptor
Love this! So cute!
7/20/2013 c1 37Anisky
What IS it with that chicken, anyway?! ;)

Really liked this. It had something for everyone, was cute and clever, and kept the essence of the webcomic while adding something new as well.

And I can't pretend I'm not tickled pink at [thoroughly enjoyable] fanfic of fanfic OF FANFIC.
3/24/2012 c1 6Doctor Song
I loved this. Especially the Az/Crowley cameo at the end. And the inclusion of Rosalinda. Nicely done.

9/7/2011 c1 jmk
i like the cross over, you fit all the characters in well
3/15/2011 c1 2Jareth-GK
I do like saying her name like that. I can almost see her shiver when I draw out the 'S'. Ah, but she persists in denying her very obvious attraction to me despite my best efforts. It does get tiresome, but I've got nothing but time.

What is this Girls Next Door you speak of? It sounds intriguing.

And who is this Erik? Someone who lives near Sarah, I presume? I think I might have to pay him a visit.

I did rather enjoy the ending. 'Betrothed' has a nice ring to it.
3/2/2011 c1 7Onyx Panthera

I've been following Girls Next Door and was delighted to find this fict. In fact, I found this fict before I followed Girls Next Door, by Pika-la Cynique and this was the fict that hooked me in. :D This is hilarious, serious, and sweet all in one. I enjoyed reading it.

Well written, well done and in character to how Pika-la Cynique portrays the characters.

Thanks for writing this tie-in! :p

~Onyx Panthera
1/24/2011 c1 7AradiaLoveless
I LOVE IT! You did an amazing job portraying Pika-la-Cynique's comic! I love Girls Next door and I'm glad someone did a fanfiction of it! Again Great Job!
1/3/2011 c1 9mizgardenia21
I love the Girls Next Door and this was pretty cute too! It made me happy the first five times I read it and I realized that I should review this. (PS it still makes me happy)
12/21/2010 c1 6Surelady
Haha! That was brilliant! I've been really missing Pika's epic comic strip since she's had to be on hiatus and this story has definitely filled a void! I think you got the tone spot on here. And I loved Jareth turning Eric into a chicken! In fact, he's probably lucky that's all he got considering lol! Genius! Thanks for sharing!
11/26/2010 c1 3MidnightCat99
OMG, this is so funny and romantic! LOVE! (:
11/10/2010 c1 1Koneko156
lol i loved this ;D great story!
11/10/2010 c1 1TheraSerenity
I can totally see this in one of her comics. It is amazing.

11/9/2010 c1 64Nanenna
Ah, Rosalinda: Chicken of Destiny strikes again! This was amusing and a fun read! We all know it's leading there eventually!
11/9/2010 c1 8scifigeek10
great story. love the phantom tie in. would love to see a sequel. exspecially if it had jareth and sarah trying to help there roommates find love
11/9/2010 c1 10danzerusa
Oh my goblins! That was a perfect tie in to GND! Just in time too, I was having withdrawls from the fancomic since Pika had to cut her time on it. If I hadn't known better I would swear that I was reading her comic and not this story. Well done!
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