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for So Far Away from Me

12/5/2010 c4 Calli Wall
11/29/2010 c4 Nicole
SO SO SO GOOD! I needed a pick-me-up and this story made my night. It's so sweet, and you absolutely got the characters down pat. Really enjoyed this!
11/27/2010 c4 8Miss48
Amazing story! You are very talented and it was a joy to read. It hit home for me especially because my husband and I had a long distance college relationship, he was in NY and I was in Alabama. It's hard as hell but so rewarding. We've been together for 10 years now, he's my Finn Hudson!
11/27/2010 c4 Guest
sequel please? anout them starting the glee club at this school in new York? pleasaeeee
11/26/2010 c4 xjennifermarie3
awwwww that was such a cute story 3
11/26/2010 c4 9musicallygleek235
oh my gosh i LOOOOOOVED this.

for real, it's one of my absolute FAVORITE finchel stories i've ever read, and i've read A LOT.

it was amazinggg(:
11/24/2010 c4 girlgamer112
Such a lovely story from beginning until the end. You're a very talented writer! I can't wait to read your new story when you post it.
11/24/2010 c1 4RockerPrincess83
Originally started reading this on LJ and i absolutely loved it. one of the best stories i've read :)
11/24/2010 c4 5tmvg
Already reviewed over at LJ, but I can't favorite it over there so decided to review it again. :) Wonderful!
11/24/2010 c4 2stalburkslovers
very awesome :-)
11/24/2010 c4 tam
best finchel fic i've read. you write finn and rachel perfectly. hope there's more to come
11/24/2010 c4 Vivss
Hey great final chapter! So sweet!

Blake Baker hehe, very gleeish!

I could totally relate with Finn's issues about senior year, cause I'm about to go to mine and I'm alreay freaking out.

Loved the Team Rachel shirt!

I'm so looking forward for a multi-chapter story! Please do it!
11/24/2010 c4 Amy D
That was such a great ending! I love how matured they've become! Can't wait to read your new stories!
11/23/2010 c4 mcguck88
awesome story, please continue the great work
11/23/2010 c4 8LC 86
Perfect. Prefect ending to a perfect fic. Please keep up the amazing work. You are an extremely talented writer with an wonderful voice and I can't wait to read more.

I loved how this chapter opened with the discussion of them talking. Talking and trying to repair their relationship. That was a great place to start. And all the wonderful, sweet, and endeering moments that followed were jsut so perfectly exacuted. Plus, "I Got You Babe," I don't think there's a more fitting Finn and Rachel duet.

Thanks again for writing!
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