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for So Far Away from Me

11/15/2010 c3 22This Chick Named Me
You are crazy fantastic. Like, my cheeks hurt. This story is utterly adorable. I don't even know I'm smiling until I notice the ache in my face. Or the angsty parts, which are so familiar by now I just pout and suck it up until they're over. (Everyone does the story line, but OH MY GOSH I love it). It is in character, after all. ANYWAYS. I can't wait for an update. 8D.
11/15/2010 c3 14NMHudsonSmith
Once again perfection! Can't wait for the finale, although I am sad to see this story end.
11/15/2010 c2 1Novus Scriptor
I LOVE this story! You have the most 'boss' word vomit ever!
11/14/2010 c2 Michelia
I love how honest you're keeping them and the plot, and how true to character they are. Long distance sucks and they can't afford visits all the time like some future Fics try to claim. Please continue!
11/14/2010 c1 Joshsgrl
I'm loving this, can't wait for the next part. I love how we see what Finn is going through and how he's dealing with college life. I love how at the end of the day he sees the big picture and that his relationship with Rachel is what matters the most to him.
11/14/2010 c2 14NMHudsonSmith
Year 2 was awesome! I am so in love with this story, can't wait for Junior year!
11/13/2010 c2 Vivss
Good chapter!

Long distance relationships must be really tough, I thought you wrote this year pretty well.

Communications major... I wonder what Finn'll do after college. I've seen lots of fics in which he's a teacher, but somehow I can't see him being one.

Update soon!
11/13/2010 c2 2IntoTheSunAndStars
I love your story, but I don't think it's angst, it's more drama :) angst is like more sad and this is super cute:)
11/13/2010 c2 12angeliclin
I love how you portray Finn's and Rachel's relationship. I can visualize it in my head and feel all their emotions. I look forward to reading more.
11/13/2010 c2 justareader18
Oh, I love this story. Being in a long distance relationship at the moment, I can completely relate to what is going on with the characters, although there circumstances are better than mine. But they are very hard and difficult to manage, but I'm sure Rachel and Finn can make it! I can't wait to see how things change for them in the upcoming chapters. Great writing.
11/13/2010 c2 kaluha jones
Adorable, too perfect for words, AMAZING! I really love this story :D but I'm scared for junior year...angst...*cringe* here we go! Update soon!
11/13/2010 c2 5magictrix
I love this story. It's one of those great stories that really captures the characters while still forcing them to grow up. Bravo.
11/13/2010 c2 butterflies xo
there are no words for how much I loved this! my favorite part was when rachel got mugged & finn was so worried about her.. it was adorable! update soon!
11/13/2010 c2 kawieli
i am in awe of how you have these characters down to a science, even in college. keep up the fantastic writing! more, please?
11/13/2010 c2 26ponderer
Yes! I'm so glad you included Kurt in this chapter! (I always feel like his character brings something more to the story, no matter the topic of the story.)

Great, great chapter!

I can't wait for junior year!
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