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1/3/2016 c1 5Tobi-Douchebag-666
I only watched the anime, but I'm guessing Izaya's decided "Okay, I'm going to hell either way. Best to keep screwing with people so much their lives are ruined...my life is now meaningful for me and I can enjoy it to it's fullest! HAHAHAHA!"
12/11/2014 c1 4Potato-sama Kebab
Ahhh, this is so, so, so good! I feel like you got all the characters' personalities spot-on and with all the crazy, supernatural stuff in Ikebukuro I could see this crossover happening. And you did it really well, ahh!
9/19/2014 c1 6a-devious-engineer
This kind of interesting. But I would love more interaction from enma and izaya
6/10/2014 c1 3ahniya-sama
Cool! though I gotta' admit, I feel sorry for Izaya xD
6/15/2013 c1 Guest
That was an awesome story can you do another one PLEASE!
4/15/2013 c1 5EchoRoses
Oh my...this was amazing! I really enjoyed reading this and not bad for your first crossover/Hell Girl fanfic either nicely done :)
1/12/2013 c1 1black-heroin-girl
OMFG!my idol is still awsome!
11/18/2012 c1 ThenSheFlew
Thanks for writing this. Interesting ending.
I always thought it odd that in the show no one ever refused Hell Girl's offer.
10/29/2012 c1 The Count Luca van Andrews
I loved this fanfic it was one of the best crossovers I've ever read.
5/24/2012 c1 15Saint River
This is a good fic. Kida was really in character. Flirting with Ai and calling her "Ai-chan".

As for Shizuo, I see that really thought it through. Despite hating Izaya and wanting nothing more than to send him to hell, Shizuo must have realized that spending the rest of eternity with Izaya just wan't worth it.
3/15/2012 c1 5Prince Jacque
O.O Genius!
12/30/2011 c1 1SilentAce
I don't mean to flame but it's kinda ironic because in Durarara! Hell Girl is just another anime in there it was proven in the anime plus it was on Walker's cellphone.
11/9/2011 c1 Guest
Wow! I am absolutely stunned. You did a fantastic job of keeping the characters in character. Well done. :)
9/1/2011 c1 6ryuusama's disciple
This is so in character(and awesome!) that it's almost eerie! Not that it wouldn't already be eerie with both Izzy AND Ai, but still!
12/23/2010 c1 Guest
Wow! That was so powerful...

And the characters are so in character too!

Poor Kida, it's so like him.

Ahaha... it's funny how Izaya actually want to go to heaven.

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