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for Harry the Hufflepuff

8/14 c4 2Lord Dobby Black
This is a work of pure genius!
8/9 c5 nincarcerator
Pterry would've been proud.
8/9 c1 nincarcerator
Can I report the story and author for being too funny? My sides are still hurting from collapsing to the floor due to uncontrollable bursts of laughter.
7/4 c4 potterbungamjibber
im glad it was like this, cuz when he was forced to follow them to find the stone i was already thinking oh no not this again, but glad it ended with in character.
7/4 c3 Jaoheah
the Cedric being Edward joke made me think of a good idea, what if Cedric during the tri wizard tournament in the maze was abducted by a vampire, the spectators just see a vampire fly over the maze and carry Cedric off like a bird.
6/24 c1 2CMVreud
If he'd be clever he'd let himself be paid to get the house-elves clean the clothes of the others they give him for cleaning.
6/18 c6 SoSoLazy
Just finish reading. Looking forward to the sequel
6/11 c1 Guest
I like this crack fic a lot
6/11 c1 Guest
This is just so funny!
5/19 c4 12Village-Mystic
I laughed so hard learning about the elves making socks and Harry justifying his room that had a sheep in it that I had messy cry-laughing. Magic is already crack, and I've loved what you done with this.
5/18 c3 Village-Mystic
Beardy and Kettle? Well, perhaps Dumbledore and the current magical creatures teacher?
5/18 c2 Village-Mystic
Still some laughs along with Potter time-saving inventions and strategies.
5/18 c1 Village-Mystic
So how will Harry "use" the house-elves who love to work? I'm glad Harry at least is having an easier time at Hogwarts, even if he was insulted by the Hat (for comedy?). I had a few laughs about Harry learning reparing charm at home, not getting tagged for under age magic use (because house-hold maintenance charm?), and industriously and inventively earning money/getting help with the toys and then later the sighn. I do agree with the Hat that Harry has no loyalty or interest in voluntarily helping other people - yet. But perhaps he can learn that... or at least how be a friend.
5/10 c5 martian2001
Ah, ok. Not onto chapter 5… onto the sequel!
5/10 c4 martian2001
Hahahaha, I don’t know who’s complaining, I think this is a fun ride :)
Thanks for the enjoyment, onto chapter 5!
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