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for Black Roses: The Tragedy of Baron Rivendare

12/27/2010 c8 3Vorpal Edge
I'm really sad now that it's over, but it was fun reading while it lasted, will be watching out in the future for new stories. Anything with the Scourge is a must read for me, especially the underdeveloped characters, that you've given life (unlife?) to.

As for this chapter, love the nods to Anastari and the Death Knight quest chain. Darion Mogaine cameo was cool too.

What I really liked was Blaumeux reaction to Rivendare's hug, it's a foreign concept to her now, she'd glad to see him but I can tell it's going to be a bit harder then Rivendare's wishful thinking at the end. It's complex the way in undeath feelings change and don't change as can be seen in the cases of Titus, Mel and Zeliek.

I was a little disappointed that Titus and Zeliek didn't really get to interact or talk to each other. I'm sure Titus was already aware of Zeliek condition through Scourge sources, but it would have be nice to see where the two stand with one another now.

The ending seemed to end a little to fast as well, I would have liked a more fleshed out reunion but I guess all that really matters to Riverndare is Blaumeux so it makes sense in that context.

Longest review I've ever wrote, the whole story feels like a ballad of sorrow with the themes of roses and love, good read.
12/16/2010 c7 Vorpal Edge
I really feel for Zeliek, kept by his close friend, whose been twisted into something he can't recognise. Evil Blaumeux is portrayed how I would imagine her, from the few lines we get off her in the game, sinister, seductive and an enjoyment for causing pain.

Titus vs Aurius should be good, afterall Rivendare still has alot of anger for Mel's death but Aurius was his adopted son, so would he be able to finish the job?

I'm wondering if Titus is gonna fall here, then get ressurrected like canon lore or something different. Alexandros is still alive here, so i'm interested in these turn of events.
11/28/2010 c1 3Chrosis
Hey, I read your review of "Holding the Circle", and now having seen you write this story, I get the feeling you like the four horsemen. Would youind writing a story focusing on Zeliek as the main character? I love tragic villians, and he's one of my favorites. If you wrote it, could you send me a message when it's written?

Also, I loved your story and how you made the characters seem like your own.

Great stuff!
11/26/2010 c6 3Vorpal Edge
Fits in perfectly with Warcraft 3 and is part of my own canon. Can't wait for the reunion though it's going to shock Zeliek.
11/23/2010 c5 Vorpal Edge
Keep going, the reference with Aurius is much loved, I love even little bits of lore.
11/20/2010 c4 Vorpal Edge
Great idea, we don't learn much about the supposely four most powerful death knights in the game, so it's cool to see how they came about. Their personality's are how I would imagined them as younger, though it would be cool if you could develop Korth'azz more seeing as he's their trainer. The relationship's between the three is well delevoped and I can't wait to see how much furthur you take it.
11/11/2010 c2 Allegra
Love this so far, I've been disappointed by the lack of lore surrounding the four horsemen, and the lack of fan written stories about them, especially Baron Rivendare. Can't wait to read more :D

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