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for Diary of an Ugly Girl

3/31 c25 aussietwilight
Fabulous story. The title and the eventual content was a bit of a shock but enjoyed your writing. I read you other stories first and found it interesting the style that you chose to write this one. Thank you for sharing your talent.
2/19 c3 Narges
I have a lot of favourite moments of this story. But there's not a single scene of chapter 17 that I'd say I could do without.
2/15 c1 Narges
This story never gets old for me. While you read "Scheduled for Friday", I will read this one again 3
1/13 c26 BurchGirl
Wow! That was amazing. I’m slowly going through your library of work and I can’t imagine any of them topping this one. Such an incredible story. So beautifully written. Can’t wait to dive into more. Thank you!
11/2/2023 c26 NeeNee246
This is great! ;)
11/2/2023 c25 NeeNee246
Thank you for sharing this story! ;)
10/31/2023 c24 NeeNee246
10/30/2023 c23 NeeNee246
OHMYGOODNESS! I am dying to find out what happened! ;)
10/28/2023 c22 NeeNee246
10/23/2023 c3 NeeNee246
I really want to hug Bella and slap her. I am glad she doesn't let others rip her down, anymore but, she certainly does the job to herself *frown* and Charlie and Emmett are wicked funny! lol I love a handsome awkward Edward. ;)
10/23/2023 c2 NeeNee246
10/23/2023 c1 NeeNee246
I can't wait to read more of this! ;)
10/4/2023 c26 Wortglitzer
There are quite a number stories out there that have truly touched me. But none quite as much and in such a way as yours.
It's realistic. It's harsh. It's beautiful and so unbelievably heartfelt. It hurts. You get angry, you cry and your feel like your heart and soul is bleeding while you read this - because this is life. This is happening every goddamn day.

I can't speak for others - but on my behalf I am so grateful to have found this story. Real substance. Real issues. Sustenance for the soul. All wrapped in an incredible story, a story as realistic as can be.

Thank you for being brave enough to have written it. Especially if parts of it are based on your own experience.
You have an extraordinary talent when it comes to words and writing. These characters you have created are outstanding and remain on the forefront of one's mind. Even take up a not quite so small piece of heart for time to come.

It's been a pleasure (re-)reading this story.
I do hope that some updates may follow for the "sequel", however can imagine that it could be difficult to step back into that headspace.

Before I grow (even more) repetitive, I just need to say this one more time: THANK YOU.
9/28/2023 c26 MetteKrebs
I wish I could throw around all the fancy words that exists, trying to express how amazing this story is, but I don't know them, or at least not in English, and I think were I to try in Danish, you'd think I spoke about autumn and pumpkins and flying blankets in a secret cursed language.

Thank you for this amazing story, I envy your way with words, you did perfectly,I.

I adore the silly imperfect girl, I adore the young adorable man, I love the quirky way you've managed to mix them together with the heavy topic of the story, without taking away from either.
7/11/2023 c26 CynMar Rom
Good lord. Just, wow.
I'll have you know I was so invested that I went to sleep at 4 am this morning to keep reading as much as I could , and I just went through the motions of my day until I got to finish this.
You have such a way with words, I feel them so deeply. So deeply. Having never been one of the "pretty" ones, this Bella spoke to the insecure teen self that still lives within me. I've learned to accept and love my body as it is and for what's given me, and to treat it with kindness and respect, but that inner voice that stays with you is hard to silence.
That said, the overall theme about individual realities is on point. I hope one day my reality will include inconditiinal self-love and acceptance of life as it comes.
Thanks for sharing!
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