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12/10/2017 c2 Thedudeist
no thanks, the point of crossovers is so that we can enjoy a different taste of the world without the saito/louise antics. I wonder why nobody did this with sephiroth? that'd be interesting.
10/5/2013 c4 1grandshadowseal
please continue this!
7/3/2013 c1 sdlkhfjsfdlg
Man, always wanted to see a Zack fanfic... They don't have enough of those...
4/17/2013 c1 BloodseekerX
Whooo! Angeal is so god-damn badass(and funny, don't forget funny!)
11/5/2012 c4 fray253
9/21/2012 c1 RedSora
Chapter is kinda good, weird Omake though
9/14/2012 c2 Trikkl
I stopped reading this story because of this chapter I hate it when the guy gets an ass whuppin like that
8/16/2012 c4 3Reishin Amara
10/27/2011 c4 DragFire
I'm happy to see you keep updating the fic. I vote for "Screw Saito, this fic is about Zack". I dont think Saito character is enough interesting.
10/11/2011 c3 18DragonGolem
Nice story so far
8/21/2011 c1 1SSJ5-Gohan
Me:... *Slaps hand away from the 'Release Zombies' button* Why haven't you updated for *counts months* 8 months! I've been waiting since I found this fanfic...!

Gohan: But you just found the fanfic two weeks ago... o_O

Me:... S-shut up!

Gohan: And you shouldn't really be talking considering you haven't updated either... .

Me:... I KNOW NOTHING! *Runs away crying*

4/26/2011 c3 2Keeper of Harmony
This story is pretty good, and the character that was summoned in the omake was Shikamaru Nara from the anime Naruto.
3/25/2011 c3 1Jeikobu Mayakashi
good story, looking forward to the next chapter.
2/19/2011 c3 ITSCOOL
1/1/2011 c1 4Sart Von Berchingen
Good! Keep going man!
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