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for Draco's Redemption

10/25 c1 Afrancum1
I just discovered this story I am amazed you have been writing it for 10 years! thank u!
10/22 c52 Guest
I like this, however there is constant spelling mistakes that take you out of the scene. I suggest re-reading it or even using a app like grammarly.
10/19 c61 3lilsammywinchester
Fun read! Hope you continue to work on it :)
10/16 c22 Charles
It's a really good fic so far. You are a great writer; Keep it up!
10/15 c62 Guest
10/12 c62 Guest
This story is bloody fantastic!
10/12 c62 bkerrmom1
Wow, I started from the beginning of this excellent story ! I am stuck in bed with covid19 my whole family has it. Thank you for sharing and entertaining me while sick. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
10/11 c62 Guest
Thank you for updating, I love your story
10/10 c41 Yeahimextra12.0
I haven’t finished reading your story but I did see it wasn’t finished a little while ago and I was worried that it was abandoned so I didn’t think I should read it I started obviously and I was so sad because it’s so good and I love everything I’ve read so far, but I was SOOO happy when I saw you’re still updating and I cannot wait to see where the story goes
10/9 c62 Analena
So glad you're continuing this story, great chapter, looking forward to seeing what happens next. :)
10/8 c12 ak
I've only recently found this story and I'm liking it. Thank you for writing!
10/8 c62 Hugo L
Kinda unfair that Draco didn’t make prefect because of stuff he did during holidays or summer vacations. It shouldn’t count if it was entirely outside the school and the school-year.
10/7 c62 slyhuff
i'm really enjoying this fic
10/5 c62 HoneyDukesCandy
Draco being a big brother to triplets will be so great. He’s no longer going to be the only child, at least to Narcissa.
10/5 c62 Guest
It’s been so long since you updated. Glad you’re back.
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