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for Draco's Redemption

10/14 c63 Camidala
Thanks for keep writing!
10/12 c63 eatredapples
Love this and was happy to see an update! I went. back to reread the whole thing. thanks for sharing your writing.
10/11 c63 Guest
Ayyyy it’s back! Thanks for the chapter! Glad that you haven’t dropped it hahah!
10/10 c63 Daniel
Welcome back!
10/12 c63 Analena
Love this chapter. The way that Draco is able to warn Harry and Hermione about Umbridge so that they don't get hurt. And that Draco asked Professor Babbling about the ancient runes on the ring so that it wouldn't harm Hermione. :)
10/11 c63 Inu Tashiro p
I love this!
10/11 c63 graymartel
I am so glad to see this back. It is one of my favorite stories.

Hopefully, the rest of 2021 will be better than the last several months.
10/11 c63 10Plumalchemyst
I love snape being oh hell nah to blood quills
10/11 c63 Diana911
I'm so happy you still writeing this! Great one, as always. Can't wait for the next one!
9/24 c62 Niramia
I just binge read all 62 chapters! Please keep updating this story- I really enjoyed it :D
8/10 c62 Dramamomma19
I do love this story and hope to read more of it soon. Please update with more I’m on tenterhooks waiting.
4/24 c62 Soraslove
Huh.. i wonder what's up with golye and crabbe. I wonder if their fathers told them not to hang around with hermione.

It would be safer for hermione to be at beauxbatons.
4/24 c60 Soraslove
I wonder if narcissa is pregnant?
4/24 c59 Soraslove
Ya.. why didn't draco talk to severus about all of this? And even sirius for that matter?

A lot of probelms could have been avoided with help.. well hopefully he stops acting retarded and does ask for help.
4/24 c56 Soraslove
"git could turn on him"... like ron, every so often?
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