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6/13 c1 598Ghostwriter
Awesome job. Very bittersweet. Love it.
12/4/2013 c1 4Story-Blender
Into my Favorites.
6/3/2011 c1 2MMWillow13
3/19/2011 c1 1Virtual-Waster
This was a nice little story, it had it's sad moments, as people have said before, but, I felt good at the end, you gave it a very nice ending, personally, I'm not much a fan of Willow/Xander, but this was cute, although, the idea of a 75 year old Nic Brendon kinda scares me LOL, I read your Faith one shots too, the Voldy ones, gotta be honest, not too keen on them, but that's because they're short, and you probably haven't had a long enough amount of time for all the important stuff. But this story is really good and I will be subscribing to you.

11/25/2010 c1 2Grumbeard

Love it! I always wanted Xander and Willow to be together.

Nice story. Short, nice and touching at the end.
11/22/2010 c1 3vampiressuck
Awwww, I really love this fic, it's so sweet, but it gets where it wants to go, and it goes there. Very lovey and really nice (except for the bit about Buffy and Oz's death, but hey- it had to happen sometime, after all) and I just love it so much! :D
11/15/2010 c1 8whatweareafreaidof
great story, i could see that life for xander and willow if thanks went a little bit different.
11/13/2010 c1 30Luna del Cielo
I saw this on TtH but it wasn't until I saw it here that I took a moment to read it...

and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

I'm so glad I did! Made me tear, almost :) Yay for fluffy fun fics!

(although the bit about Oz and Buffy was sad, but everyone has to go sometime, I suppose...)
11/13/2010 c1 2Jeremy Shane
Good story

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