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for The Time I Met The Beatles

7/24/2011 c1 Ang-Makenna-girl
Please start the story
3/26/2011 c3 10ByeByeRainBird

soooooooooo confused! lol One second she's with her dad in new york city, next her name's ashley and NOW her name's alyssa?

Doll, ya gotta fix this before someone flames off on ya! D:

BUT I DO like the thing about going to the Dakota and then BAM you're in '80 saving Lennon and taking the bullet meant for him. THAT is original. :)

3/26/2011 c3 13BeatleLOVE
Wait, how'd she- whaaa? They beliver her awful fast O.o Just teasin' haha (: But yeah seems real cool, I wanna know what happens next! UPDATE ~Mandy
3/7/2011 c3 reallyverybored
i luv this story! ^_^
2/23/2011 c3 1j'ai une ame solitaire
I love it! Can't wait for an update :)
1/22/2011 c3 sillybluemeanie
Good chapter! Thank goodness John is saved! I'd probably kiss him until my lips turned blue :-) Update soon! I hate writer's block, by the way.
1/22/2011 c3 2salmonandsoup
1/21/2011 c3 11thefunkymonkey121
Good chapter, 'cept for the fact in the first chapter her DAD drove her to new york. Just thought I'd point that out!
1/12/2011 c2 2salmonandsoup
Keep it goin keep it goin... XD
1/12/2011 c1 salmonandsoup
So cool! Make it longer! :D
1/11/2011 c2 HermioneLennon
This is so cool! Please update! :)
12/30/2010 c2 1thebabyinblack
I hadn't seen you had updated this! Omg I loved it so much! It was great! she saved him! Oh gosh I can't wait to read more!
11/29/2010 c2 1KyokoHonda49
:D OMG OMG OMG! UPDATE SOON! Longer chapters too plz. AWESOME! :D
11/27/2010 c2 The Nowhere Girl
O.O that's a pretty good plot you have there! Keep writing! :)
11/27/2010 c2 sillybluemeanie
Update soon! Please!
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