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for Make Me and Take Me

10/6/2012 c1 4Tekie Scythe
HAHAHAHAHA I wonder if Garcia is going to watch the video?
7/2/2012 c1 Guest
Right now I'm too lazy to log on but... I loved it! Ahhh my mind is trying to come up with excuses Derek could use when they find them haha
5/6/2012 c1 1rukiarose
would love to be a fly on the wall when they are found and have to explain
2/24/2012 c1 1Srienia
It may only be your second try at that genre but you certainly know how to do it.
11/11/2011 c1 7Katie - Lyn Della Robia
I love it.
11/7/2011 c1 7Evie McFarland
LOL I'd love to see the look on the face of whatever night crew guy finds them...
10/29/2011 c1 1yducky
Loved it! So hot! ;D
10/7/2011 c1 65BlackBeautyQueen33
wow sex in an elevator hmm is that legal?

Max: Rogue shut up, that was fucking hot

Me: I never said it wasn't. I loved spencer handcuffed
9/25/2011 c1 Melle22
omg. If I have ever bemoaned that I am single, this is the fic that may make me start dating again! Soooo hot, so sexy. The elevator, the hand cuffs, Spencer's 'resistance', Morgan being so very up to the challenge, cum as lube, biting, gasping, screaming, trembling, the camera, the smirk, the glazed eyed stare from Spencer... um, oh yeah. That was GOOD!

Very intense and yum. So who do I call to order that tape? I so hope that the FBI is paranoid enough to also include sound!
9/10/2011 c1 72shadowdweller25
*fan self* Hot! And that bit with Derek looking into the camera. Genius and just made it hotter.
7/30/2011 c1 15make-x-applesauce

that was AMAZINGLY HOT. Just Perfect!

I love you for writing this. *fans self*
6/30/2011 c1 49Faceless Charmer
Wow this story was really good, and super sexy! Loved it bunches and bunches, hope you make more! And if I was Derek I would just fix his hair and clothes and my explanation would be, "When the elevator stopped he got really scared and started running around in a panic, so I handcuffed him to the railing."
6/25/2011 c1 28SerialAuthor
Oh this was good. you rarely ever see Spencer et angry so this was new.
6/20/2011 c1 5yugiyamisex4eva
haha this is funny as hell this is kinky me likey
5/6/2011 c1 5sassa133
this was great and hot, but I do have one question though: how can you lose something (the keys) in an elevator shaft?
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