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for Forgotten Legends

11/21 c9 Maxryu-oh
Para cuando vuelven tus capítulos me gustan tus historias
10/15 c9 7Lady Starlight2
I really hope that one say this will be updated! It is such a good story and it left off on such a cliffhanger! I want to know what happened to everyone!#
7/20/2022 c9 Trevor
You still alive? This is a real question after the last few years the world has had.
8/17/2021 c9 4Dreamer Rose
SOunds like the worlds might be temporally out of sink again, like they were in Frontier and in the original Digimon Adventure.
8/31/2019 c9 FireknightPrince
This is my favorite digimon story i have ever read. Just wish it keep going
12/7/2018 c9 13kiebs
I've been doing a huge digimon rewatch and reread of all my favorite fics and this has to be my top five! I read it twice this last week because it's so good. Thank you for sharing the world that you made!
10/31/2018 c1 AJ-ham
I’ve really enjoyed all of your stories I hope to see you return and update them. They are just to good to leave unfinished.
4/14/2018 c9 Aurora Myers
Keep going
3/24/2018 c9 Daffa
Please continue This story
2/25/2018 c9 1yuutojaden
please continue
12/7/2017 c9 16Panthermonspartner
I never really cared for the pairing of Takuya and Kari but after reading your crossing worlds fic and all of this one, I might be able to get behind it. I can see it's been a while since this was updated so that's a shame but it's an interesting concept and I'd love to read more if you ever get the time/inspiration.
7/17/2017 c9 Guest
Please the next chapter
3/27/2017 c9 LinaVera
Will you continue? I really love the story, and every time I read it, I imagine when the others find out that Kari is the betrothed of Takuya. 3 3
11/9/2016 c9 6Midnight.Forest168
I hope that you update soon, but I can wait until you're ready to post it. Keep up the great writing and enjoy it!
9/17/2016 c9 firedragoonknight
Don't you dare stop I need this I need to know what happens next plz update soon
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