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for Forgotten Legends

12/21/2014 c8 ivan0061509
Ohhh its getting interstiing and what happen to the others and who is going gpto be the emeny
11/28/2014 c8 Guest
Well that sounds like an interesting bath. Being tired does odd things to your mind. That is an interesting history. Kindness, or being North Korea. Oh, that will be interesting to see explained. His reaction will be hilarious! Please update sooner, I missed this. Good work though.
11/24/2014 c8 Nekofairy
Oh My Goodness! I'm so glad you finally updated ]
11/22/2014 c8 Miss Tea and Fortune
Hmmm... I think I get it. Their bodies age as time passes with the real world, but time passes significantly faster in the digital world. It's not like a lot of time could have passed since the technology matches up pretty well between seasons 2 and 4. And are the other 4 legendary warriors the other kids they came across who refused to leave (including the ones who bullied Tommy), because that's been speculated. But I feel like I'd like to see Takuya meeting the others in this situation. I can almost imagine him pointing to Ken, because of his physical resemblance to Koichi, facepalming and saying "Don't tell me you were corrupted by some evil force, even though you're one of the most genuinely kind people one could ever hope to meet, and it all started because of your brother." Almost. Those two are a little too similar to not give a nudge at it.
11/22/2014 c8 13darkmist111
Great chapter are all the rulers taken over by their spirits also who rules the earth, wood, metal, and water areas?
11/22/2014 c8 176Firehedgehog
11/22/2014 c8 4dracula-key
Hurray! You're alive! :D

Hehe, I do hope to see the romance between Takuya and Kari comes soon. I agree with flame wizardmon on that part about the couple to me should do 'that part' in the royal bedroom and not some guest room. XD
11/21/2014 c1 1Lyra999
And there I was, casually looking for new fics to read. This was just another normal night in my life. But everything changed when I found one of the best fanfiction I will read in my life. Even in a language that is not natural to me, your fanfiction is great, really, really great. I really fell in love with it. So please, please do not abandon it. (Sorry for the bad english!)
11/21/2014 c8 Guest
Awesome. I can't wait for more.
11/21/2014 c8 110th Squad 3rd Seat
Very enjoyable
11/21/2014 c8 2Justaquestion12
Finally you have updated. This is my is my favorite out of all the stories you have made.
11/21/2014 c8 SerinasHarmony
YESSSSSSSS! THAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUU! Plz keep updating! Ahhhh the sweet romance, adventure, and mystery I'm hoping to find is coming! Yaaay!(*︶*)
11/21/2014 c8 4Reixe
Now I'm all curious about what happened to make Takuya change... As well as how old he really is. Did the time difference remain? Or have a significant amount of years passed in the real world that would prevent them from ever actually seeing their families again?
11/21/2014 c8 Dragon God xxx
Woohoo its been updated! I really like this fic cause its a good Kari one and its very unique. I sincerely hope updates for it come quicker. Keep up the excellent work.
11/21/2014 c8 1MackC03
Thank you for finally updating this story
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