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4/26/2011 c24 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel

I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE for putting a 1967 Chevy Impala as Bella's new car but I'm a bit peeved that she's taking DEAN WINCHESTER's car (even peeved that it's implied that Dean would sell his car!)! It was fabulous how you had SPN's Impala history from the season 5 finale. Do I sense a possible SPN character appearance or is the Impala all we get from SPN?

I LOVE Supernatural so this chapter really made my day!

Think there will be another chapter up today? *grins sheepishly*

4/26/2011 c24 3BlueEyesBurning
i liked the bit of supernatural in there, just please don't make this a triple crossover :)
4/26/2011 c24 20crazyperson17
4/26/2011 c23 3BlueEyesBurning
I'm not quite understanding this chapter, could you explain it to me a bit more please?
4/26/2011 c23 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Thank you for the luck! Think the garden will give you enough inspiration to put out another one today?

LOL for Bella's reaction to Justin Bieber.

LOVE the phone call between Damon/Bella! So sweet or Damon didn't want Bella to get hurt.

Woah on that letter. So I'm really thinking that Bella is a vampire right now and that she was spelled to forget that aspect or to forget that she needs blood or that she had all those other special abilities.

Yes Bella can be in love with Damon now!

I wonder what Damon is thinking about in Bella's absence.

Update ASAP!

Ask the garden to give you more inspiration again!
4/26/2011 c22 Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Aww, love it that Bella went to see Jake.

Seth's greeting was awesome.

Bella's punch just keeps confirming my suspicions of WHAT she truly is! I think she was a vampire before something/someone made her forget and surpressed all her extra senses!


I was extremely excited to see an update so quick and it definitely brightened up my day (had an exam early this morning *sigh*)

Anyway...update ASAP!

And tell you're garden to give you more inspiration (unless that's too weird for you...=D)
4/26/2011 c22 9wendy1969
thanx for the update ;):)
4/26/2011 c20 bellsbabeyxoxox3kiss
omg update !
4/25/2011 c21 bellsbabeyxoxox3kiss
Please say something like that she is a really old vampire or something and she lost her memory to a witch or something:) .
4/25/2011 c8 8The Stories of L.B
This is seriously some awesome stuff! Keep up the good work!
4/25/2011 c21 ScaryMary54
write more
4/25/2011 c21 ALineInTheSand
Absolutely amazing chapter!

Looking forward to the next!

-Bella :)
4/25/2011 c21 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Why do I get the feeling that Bella truly is a vampire and that she's known Damon since he was human and that they loved each other but somehow they were separated...it came to me when it mentioned memories of her and Damon doing stuff when the story hasn't had Bella/Damon doing any of since her short stay in Mystic Falls.

There is a lot more to Bella, isn't there?


You can't leave us hanging there!
4/24/2011 c20 3LuxAngelFallen023
Asome story cant wait for the next chapter! This has got to be the best twilight vampire diaries crossover ever!
4/24/2011 c20 ScaryMary54
write more soon
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