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6/20/2017 c3 23WildeAbrams
You forgot that Carole is a nurse. She would already know how to catheterize someone.
5/27/2016 c11 Guest
So I get it that this happened after Rachel cheated on him and they are broken up but seriously making Quinn a saint here is pathetic. Rachel is only mentioned when she texted him and he blows her off. You really should tag this as Fuinn.
1/1/2016 c2 leila mcqueen
naww the artie thing was so cute! 3
7/24/2012 c11 fuinnforlife
I am pleading with you please please please update this story and your other story No Matter What, I love both of these stories.
6/29/2012 c11 Luvdianagr
2/24/2012 c10 Luvdianagr
This is great! i admit that in the back of my head i am thinking of finn recovering through a miracle. PLEASE UPDATE!
1/19/2012 c11 10The Songbirds Are Singing
So glad Puck came around, and I can't wait to see what happens with this! xx :)
1/18/2012 c9 The Songbirds Are Singing
I've never really understood why Finn and Puck are friends, and this is just another example that Puck is a crappy friend. xx :)
1/18/2012 c8 The Songbirds Are Singing
Damn Quinn and Finn for making me like Quinn. the confuzzling my head. xx :)
1/18/2012 c7 The Songbirds Are Singing
I'm so happy for Finn, that was such a big achievement for him. xx :)
1/18/2012 c6 The Songbirds Are Singing
Ugh, I hate Quinn. The way you write her isn't all that bad, but she just annoys the hell out of me. I guess I'll just have to power through. xx :)
1/18/2012 c5 The Songbirds Are Singing
I've never read Finn being cast in this sort of light before, and it's really interesting. I must say, I like this Finn much more than the real one (I say real, of course meaning the fictional character on TV), he seems much more genuine and is much easier to sympathise with. xx :)
1/18/2012 c4 The Songbirds Are Singing
I like to think that Burt being with him in such an awkwRd situation is going to bring them closer together, and allow them to have more of a father-son relationship. xx :)
1/18/2012 c3 The Songbirds Are Singing
Well, I take it you got at least some reviews, and I find it interesting! Also, I think it was reallh clever to bring Sean in; I'd actually completely forgotten about him until now. xx :)
1/18/2012 c2 The Songbirds Are Singing
I'm so glad Finn has people there for him, it must make a real differance. xx :)
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