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for Of Restless nights and Prophesied Dreams

9/15/2012 c13 JasmineBella
Part of your warning should have included the need for something ice cold to drink and a cigarette (and I don't smoke)! Incredibly well written and as always, I look forward to more. This chapter was sooooo worth the wait! Good luck in school and with clinicals - it will pay off! Update soon!
9/15/2012 c13 2Fostersb
Right to see ROMY loving and it was definitely a surprise the way that Rogue took Remy. But I like that this Rogue has more confidence to give into her fantasies.
8/12/2012 c12 Guest
Thank you for not leting the wedding get crashed. Some things are seacred and shouldn't be messed with like church, America, and sweet tea. And about Matte and Jean-Luc that sounds realy sweet. Oh and Scott's an asshole for being a no good cheat.
From Dixi with Sweet-tea
8/12/2012 c8 Guest
Ok I love your story and just saying Tante Matte has the exatc same personality as my grandma. She is tough as nails doesn't mind using colorful language and with that line about the drawrs that is somthing my grandma has said befor. Ya just gotta love old Southern women they just say the darned things. Keep up the good work, ya hear?
From Dixi with Sweet-tea
8/12/2012 c12 Fostersb
I loved the dress you chose for Rogue, very in keeping with her personality. I am looking forward to reading about the honeymoon, I hope that Remy and Rogue get some more romance before the drama begins. Also I want to see a confrontation between Jean and Scott's mistress- I am assuming that it is Emma, but maybe not. Update soon.
8/12/2012 c12 JasmineBella
I am soooo glad that you did not ruin the wedding - they needed a good day! So happy! Can't wait for the next part of the adventure!
7/12/2012 c11 Fostersb
I love the interaction between all the characters and the nervousness that Remy feels. It was very natural and not over dramatic at all. I would love to see a photo of Rogue's wedding dress if you had a particular one in mind, post the link. Update soon.
7/12/2012 c11 17deadpoolhulk
dwaaaaw. it's funny how adorable Remmy can be when flustered. Plus it's nice to see someone using Ororos garden in a really interesting way. i'm impressed :D
(are any Super villians gonna attack the Wedding? because that would suck.)
6/25/2012 c10 2Fostersb
I really love how you have captured the relationships between all the x-men. I love stories where Rogue and Remy get to have some happiness and peace and even if there is danger, they fight it together instead of fighting each other. I look forward to your next chapters.
6/25/2012 c10 17deadpoolhulk
hahahahaha oh wow this entire chapter was funny as all get out. brilliant work.
6/24/2012 c10 JasmineBella
Great story! I know it can't stay light-hearted, but it's fun! Looking forward to more!
5/16/2012 c9 JasmineBella
Still loving it - hope you update more soon!
3/18/2012 c8 3tenchi13
It's a really good story!
3/18/2012 c8 JasmineBella
Loved this chapter - I wanted to be there sitting on the floor too! I love the relationship all of the ladies have. Great story - looking forward to the next chapter!I am hoping they make it to the wedding! :)
2/2/2012 c1 Inohara
These are great characters in Xmen don't let us down I'm expecting a great story from you! Keep up the good work!
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