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3/28/2016 c12 4MarsNeptune
This was a really nice fic.
I agree on you on thinking the Burning Crusade should have focus more on the Legion rather than only Illidan.
Also they gave a good story plot for the blood elves yet I expected a bit more for the draenei.
I had such great hopes for Maraad. Finally a draenei was actively doing something on screen and Blizzard killed him. Could you give him a good/better role on you fic? The draenei need a heroe figure, someone way better than Velen.
If you put Yrel in your fics it would be great.
I have an idea of Yrel being the leader of the draenei in Outland while during the Burning Crusade. It is an idea for a fic I have in mind but you can totally use it if you want.
Also I always though goblins should have joined the Horde way early, like just before the Third War, that's also an idea for a fic.
Let me just tell you my ideas:
- The Draenei should have work to remake The Council of Exarch during Burning Crusade. HELLOOO, they are rebuilding their civilisation and Velen is good and all but to me he is just a terrible leader. He is good as a religious leader but the draenei need a military leader...like Maraad for example.
- Like I said before, goblins should have joing the Horde after the Thir Ward, looking for profit and making things explode. High Vindicator Maraad, member of the Council of Exarch...imagine that.
- In connection with the previous idea, the Forsaken never split from the Scourge, Sylvannas does not regain her free will or anything and now just vows to conquer all the Eastern Kingdoms for the Lich King. A Horde-Alliance interaction is made to stop her plans and take her down.
- The remains of the high elf civilisation is conquered and slaved by the Amani trolls of Zul'Aman with the help of the Zandalari who came to study the elves' lost magic. Therefore, the blood elves never happened and all that is left of the kingdom of Quelthalas is conquered and under troll, Zandalari troll, rule.
- So in this Alternate Universe of mine we have this:
Alliance: Human, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves and Draenei.
Horde: Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Goblins...and I want to add the Worgen from Guilneas here.
Basically the Guilneans accepted their curse and learnt how to control themselves but without being able to get back to human form, to survive against Sylvannas they looked for joining the only world power that would have a place for them...the Horde.
- Keep the Pandaren neautral as they are in game, yet some sort of political ruling figure should be stablish in Pandaria. A new Emperor is totally needed.
- Finally, a third world faction rises and is stablished:
Empire: Zandalari, Drakkari, Amani, Gurubashi and Farraki. (yep, the Troll Empire is gonna happen)
It will remain neutral but fiercefully protective of trolls lands, yet they try to be at the good side of the Horde and the Alliance as "because of a vision" they know the Legion is coming again.
That's quite a lot to take in. Enjoy.
3/27/2016 c11 MarsNeptune
Nice chapter between chapters.
Are Maurus, Arianna, Mathias and Widget be a group as a team?
Right now it looks they stay together a a matter of conveniance andpatnership more than actual friends.
3/27/2016 c9 MarsNeptune
I can feel Maurus frustation.
3/27/2016 c8 MarsNeptune
This was a really good chapter.
The battle scenes were good.
The character building of Maurus who is become sort of a leader of the group either by his own merit of by Zolan pointing him as such. He does need to relax a bit but I guess he has never been in a battle like this.
I like how the process of taking the cannyon is going. Keep it up.
3/26/2016 c6 MarsNeptune
Well look at that.
Chavalry saved the day.
3/26/2016 c5 MarsNeptune
I liked the battle and the appearance aof a Nathrezim was awesome.
I like where this is going yet the situation is dire for the heroes of the story.
I wonder who will rescue them.

Magnathas, draenie shaman.
Maratar, orc shaman.
These are the names of the character I created some time ago when I played the game.
Use them wisely.
3/26/2016 c4 MarsNeptune
Things got interesting

I always thought the Horde, the Warsong clan specially, should go a kill all the demons in Ashenvale.
3/26/2016 c3 MarsNeptune
I like this fic.
3/26/2016 c2 MarsNeptune
This is full of action.
3/26/2016 c1 MarsNeptune
You got my atrention.
10/5/2014 c12 thibo1234
Dont change the name it suits with the charecter and the race the names are all verry good fitting used by the races and i must thank you i was today in ashenvale and I found both the bear ursangous and hippogriff and the durrounding youre using are also know to me cauz i've been around there alot youre characters are now on the road that leads from the crossroads to ratchet great story love Mauren in here me being a Tauren as well so keep the story on
9/28/2014 c12 46Ralf Jones
Once again, I like the way your characters interact, every chapter is a great read...

About the name chage for the blood elf, well, I really can't said, most of the names I use are very short, like Reas, Sieglin or Zeira.

Anyway, I'll be waiting for the next chapter
9/22/2014 c12 28KendrixTermina
Demons are apparently serious enough business to leave quite the impression - as they should be. The scenes involving the stop at the oasis had some nice details. Also, this seems to be shaping up for quite the long-term plot.

I'd appreciate some kind of notification once the sequel is out

As for Anistrianna's name, I don't mind it/ find it is/sounds appropiate for the character and the associations I think she's supposed to conjure up, but if it had to be one of these alternate options, i'd vote for Lianna. Maybe it's just me weirdly liking complicated fantasy names.
9/20/2014 c12 4Varghjartat
JAAAAAAAA! You updated! Oj, oj, what a great final chapter. It feels peaceful despite its tense moments but its better than giving another adrenaline-pounding battle chapter. Maurus, Anistrianna and Mathias need all the rest they need before they'll face the dreadlord and bring an end to him.

You're considering to change Anistrianna's name? Hmmm, honestly, I would like you do that. Her name feels complex. I like Lianna. It's short and it sounds pretty. It would fit her.

Wow, once again, you're amazing. I really must say that reading this has unfortunately inspired Kajsa, my muse, for another bunny plot, which I have no time for it. However, your story is very inspiring to read and I would gladly read this again when I want. I'm very tensed and very eager to read Chasing Through Hell. I cannot wait to read it once it comes! And you better look out for I'm gonna give you a big review bomb once I sneaks there around. XD
9/14/2014 c11 Varghjartat
Wow... this is my very first time to read a Warcraft fanfic and already I've fallen in love of reading this one. I used to play W.O.W back in the past, but stopped playing it after my old computer crashed like ten times and I changed when high school knocked on the door. Yeah, life changes much.

My favorite character is Maurus. To be very honest, I'm a huge tauren lover. I played a lot with tauren characters and I found them very great to be such a peaceful and yet strong race of the Horde. Maurus kept reminding me a lot of my Tauren hunter and my Tauren death knight I used play on the past before stopping it playing it fully, and yet they're not missed. Him as a warrior is very great, I love his personality and his rule in this story. I feel already attached to him. I do like Artistrianna and Mathias as well. Artistrianna is such a cool warlock and I can easily picture her as very beautiful but deadly at same time. Mathias, gosh what a badass forsaken! He's very good fighter I must say. Seeing him fighting furiously makes me shiver in fear but same time like him so much. Hehe, Widget is very cute and funny too. She feels like a good comic relief, something that makes it feel even better.

Gosh and gosh... you're very skillful on the details. You give such vivad pictures. The action are so perfect that it made me sit on the edge of my chair, and you've done a well done work with the atmospere in the world they are. It makes me missing so badly of the world I used to be before... I've missed Azeroth so much.

Holy, that's a huge review! Well, I better say these quickly then: I'm so impressed over your writing skills and this story so much that it drives me insane. I must follow this one, I cannot leave this one be left alone. I'll worship this and always remember this forever... and I want to thank you. I haven't felt well earlier and reading this really cheered me up. Once again, thank you very much for creating this great story. I'm feeling so honored to read this and in return, I'm gonna give you a bomb of reviews every time you updates. XD

Hope you update soon. Take care!
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