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for Paradise, Hawaiian Style

12/12/2010 c6 B
I was dissapointed with this. Don't get me wrong, all your other stories were really good, they are good when there is action and stuff, like the one when charissa was kidnapped or the very first one.. You should go back to thems tructures, they more engaging. Im not criticising, im being constructive.
12/6/2010 c5 294Gabriella Somerfield
love it can't wait for the next one
11/30/2010 c4 Garine
Yeah, what is it about older women and perfume? Especially the ones that smell more tangier than sweet? Living in an apartment has its perks, but stepping into an elevator with five other women with every variation of tang mixed together is so not fun.
11/22/2010 c3 Gabriella Somerfield
love it can't wait for the next one
11/20/2010 c2 Garine
I just took a look at the cover. Is there going to be an Elvis mafia the team will have to beat? Cause that would be cool and extremely weird at the same time.

For some reason, I picture a rumble going down like in The Outsiders; rhinestones and tufts of hair all over the place. Poor cleaning staff.
11/20/2010 c2 Gabriella Somerfield
love it can't wait for the next one
11/15/2010 c1 Garine
Yay, storytime! Come children, scootch closer.

I don't blame BA for hating planes. They're big and scary and have this weird tendency to glide at fifty thousand feet in the air.

I've only left my little area once to go to NY and I took a bus all twelve hours. Can you tell I hate flying?
11/15/2010 c1 Gabriella Somerfield
can't wait for the next chapter love it

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