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1/30 c13 frouwe
a decade later dropping in to say that i adored this story all those years ago and reread it with great glee now/ would be so so here for it should you ever make a comeback & i hope life has taken you onto nice green pastures, creatively or otherwise
1/8 c15 w-rentu
Hey there,
I'm just writing this to let you know, I come back to this fic every like couple months re-read it, imagine the different routes for these characters in this story and enjoy it every time. It's one of my favourite Gadge fics out there. Of course I would love an update for this story, but I know how hard it can be to find motivation/inspiration for a story; so really I'm writing this on the off chance you see this so that I can express how much this story is really appreciated and loved, finished or unfinished 3
6/21/2019 c15 Guest
Hope u continue this it’s awesome
3/23/2019 c15 Guest
Hope u one day update and finish this story it’s awesome btw
3/9/2019 c15 Guest
The plot is so unique, your Madge is so awesome! I really hope you do update this story and hope you haven’t abandoned it
12/9/2018 c15 4Flyza
Hiiii it's been ages and I finally read through your story with all its changes. Honestly, I loved them! Especially how you changed the aircraft to have a skull with a ribbon :) So many juicy little tidbits and details like Madge's grandmother and those little hints that something happened between Madge and Gale. Also of course loved all their fiery interactions, badass Madge, and cutie Peeta dropping them not so subtle hints that they belong together! Absolutely love the edits and this story off course! xx
7/27/2018 c15 Guest
I'm still obsessed with this
9/24/2017 c15 1IntertwinedThread
I've been Gadge fic hunting and I found this...I swear I've never been more addicted to a fic in my life. The plot is so unique, your Madge is so unique and I swear I'm in love with her and even more the conversations she has with Gale. I love the way she speaks to Gale and Katniss (they deserve it). I know you haven't updated in a LONG time and I know life does get kinda chaotic, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update and finish this fic. It really deserves to be finished. It's one of the best Gadge fics I've read.
7/21/2017 c15 Prizz
it saddens me that i only found this fic now, but im glad i did. im not a fan of gale but this was fun to read, along with madge. im a everlark shipper so any part or mention of them i devour. your dialogues are the best. witty and funny. most lines i havent read anywhere yet. kudos to you! i hope someday you can update this. :)
2/14/2017 c15 ConcernedAnon
It has been more than a year. Just want to let you know there are still people waiting but no pressure.
1/8/2017 c15 Guest
i hope ur doing okie i lov ur writing
1/7/2017 c15 Anon
Really like this story. The changes are interesting (I actually think I liked the original version better?) but the story is still good, and I'm hoping we'll get to see more of this AU. You have one of the most unique imaginations in the fandom and it shows it your writing
1/7/2017 c11 Anon
Very cute
1/7/2017 c9 Anon
Your face is a concussion

love that line
4/9/2016 c13 Guest
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