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2/13/2012 c3 Jatricia Pung

God, I can totally imagine Liam Hemsworth being this big douche bag who goes around fucking with everyone. I always saw him being much more nicer... in general with everything in the books. But Peeta already has that position by being the good man, so we need to have one bad guy for Katniss right? :D
2/13/2012 c2 Jatricia Pung
It's so weird how Madge ended up being so dark and drugged up. I always imagined her to be so elegant and lady-like with her pretty dresses and piano.

I would say that it is very OC for Madge, but I've always loved cute, quiet girls being the punky, kick-ass bitches.
2/13/2012 c1 Jatricia Pung
Hey, so I read every chapter up until the latest one on my phone but never got around to review them so I'm just back on the computer so I can give you the reviews you deserve :)


I honestly never thought of Gale and Madge being together but I stumbled upon your story and I thought "Hey! This is an interesting ship". Hahaha. Anyways I thought it was cute how Gale thought of one person and ran back to save only her~
2/13/2012 c12 tangled.up.emotion
can i just express my undying love for this piece of art. ;_;
2/9/2012 c13 thelittleblue-flower
o my gosh u hav toupload i read all of this story

while i was sick i just cant wait for more please review

its a really great story i want to see this amazing story finished please review im a big fan of your writing keep up the

good work
2/1/2012 c13 1ForbbiddenToRemember
I am in LOVE with Gale! Best chareters I've seen in a long time! Can you update really really really soon please!
1/24/2012 c13 Leviathan of the Skies
hmm, this is the best kick-ass Madge ever. she's so lovable. and the way you write Gale makes me want to punch him in the balls, sort of maybe in a good way. love it, good job. hope you update soon.
1/22/2012 c13 granger96
I just realized I've never reviewed this story.

I'll begin with: this is one of my favorite Gadge fanfics. It is amazing, I love your version of Madge in my mind she was always a badass and you depict her perfectly.

This story has me hooked, and can't wait for the next chapter.
1/18/2012 c13 Cortney
Read the whole thing in one sitting and was truly disappointed there wasn't more.

I only read the HG trilogy recently (like last week recently), but I've been completely sucked into all the wonderfulness that is Gadge. (And Haymitch/Effie, which you also alluded to - awesome.)

Your characterizations are some of the best I've seen in both fiction and fanfiction alike. I absolutely love Madge the Badass, and every Gadge confrontation is loaded with so much sexual tension I'm surprised they haven't exploded from it.

LOVE THIS and eagerly awaiting more!
1/17/2012 c8 17FortuneFaded2012
I think that making Gale afraid of heights is the most intruiging thing I have read in a Hunger Games story. I love your characters. This chapter was so good that I had to come back and review, even though I have moved on to other chapters. This was suspenseful, funny, scary, the whole nine yards. I like the sarcastic mental commentary of Madge and the crude comments that she and Gale share. Thanks for writing.
1/17/2012 c10 FortuneFaded2012
I really love your characterization in this story. I've laughed out loud more times than I can count. Chapters like this though really make the ideas of drug addiction and loss more compelling. Your style encorporates the good and bad moments so well. My favorite part was in the last chapter when Madge saved Peeta instead of herself. She really goes gungho that one.
1/16/2012 c1 8princess2010
THE best madge and gale story i've read! :)
1/2/2012 c13 1onlygirlonfire
never thought i'd 1) read an OOC/AU fanfic, 2) read any fic that isn't katniss/peeta, or 3) actually enjoy it. you made me do all three. i really hope you continue this story. i like the gritty-ness. i like seeing madge as a bad-A, and the tension between her and gale crack me up. don't leave us hanging too long, okay?
12/22/2011 c13 8EggDupont
OhmyGod...I LOVE THIS FIC, really is awesome! Please try to update :) Love GADGE
12/16/2011 c13 1andrealabonair
why uu doing this to me? please update! I´m dying this is so good
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