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11/23/2010 c3 Lazy Flyza
Love your Madge...and your story in general!
11/23/2010 c3 MikeeMoo
Really, I have no words for this. You are simply amazing. The way you write the characters' point of views is so realistic and I think you got their personalities spot on. The plot is just so unique and unpredictable, it leaves the readers wondering what will happen next.

Also, I literally screamed when I read your little A/N that you're finally gonna update S&P! Oh yeaaaah! Can't wait for that. /screams some more/ I really love all of your Gale/Madge stories. Sadly, I haven't gotten around to read Trackerjacker yet... BUT I WILL, swear.

And oh yeah, BADASS MADGE IS BADASS! Woohoo! /headbangs/
11/23/2010 c2 MikeeMoo
Awesome story you got here! I kinda like the idea of the alternate timelines, makes the story so much more interesting. I'm really starting to get hooked. Great job!
11/23/2010 c3 Rinkya
Madge is so kickass, man! Kinda OOC, but meh, considering everything she must have been through, it's impossible not to grow a hard shell. Anyway, u go Madge! I really loved all the banter in here, makes me chuckle all the time. U can really write dialogues well. :) pls. update soon. can't wait to know what happens next!
11/23/2010 c3 halocodgirl
"Peeta scratches the top of his head with his middle finger. Oh, nice." LOL, my brother always does that me! I'm guessing Trap's Rory, Gale is going to murder poor Rory. I love the tension between Peeta and Gale, keep that up! Can't wait till next Chapter! Take your time.
11/22/2010 c3 141BadgerInMySoup
Did you know that you are the BEST Hunger Games fiction writer I have ever read? Probably the best in general. I love that you put Gale and Madge together in all your stories because ever since Mockingjay came out, I've been trying to think of alternate endings.

I love your Katniss/Peeta and I love the banter that Gale and Peeta share, always with the underlying tension. They could totally be friends if it weren't for Katniss.

I love all of your stories!
11/22/2010 c3 23CrazyAce'n'PokerFace
I'm betting that TRap's Rory, and the blonde's Prim. Just throwin' my two cents ion. ;)

Liked it, liked Madge being a badass and winning the illegal bike race, liked Gale and Peeta's "I wish I could kill you and feed your body to centipedes" relationship. Nicely done.

11/22/2010 c3 OMGMaree
Oh gee, I have no idea who Trap might be! Also, whose photo does he keep under his pillow?

Ok, so I fail at internet sarcasm. Who cares.

So I'm guessing Madge is an ex-drug addict. Ex-morphling addict? I don't know, morphling is the only drug in THG world as far as I can remember. And Gale looks like he's well on his way to successfully become an alcoholic. See, they're perfect for each other!

And I don't feel bad at all for whatsherface. But maybe I'm weird, since I love Gale's manwhorish ways. He's always such a gentleman.

Also, I love Madge's friends. And the fact that Trap is one of them. I wonder how a certain someone's going to react to that...

(And Peeta! And Katniss! Engaged! OH YAY.)

Also - I don't think I'd ever seen you write Gale on first person. Cheers, it's good.

Hope you update soon!

11/22/2010 c3 1StillOnCloud9
Left. Me. Hanging. I love it though. Need the next part! It's really painful though, that Gale has this fascination with girls that are tanned and have dark hair...blech. And goodness, the picture that Rory has, is that PRIM? Mega awwws if it is!
11/22/2010 c3 5holymfwickee
Loved it. Gale/Peeta interaction was humorous. I enjoy that Gale can't seem to rile up Peeta no matter what he says. It makes me wonder what he would have to say to cross a line with Peeta? Hm.

And the Rory/Madge interaction was fun. She does well for someone who's never had siblings. I loved that Rory still calls her "Madge" and is the only one who does so. It's sweet.

The only thing that bothered me was saying they were flying at 50,000 ft, since planes fly at about 30k, and from that height you wouldn't be able to see people on the ground. But I understand Katniss may have been exaggerating. ;)
11/22/2010 c3 Owlsk8r
Ehhh I'm not the biggest fan of Gale being such a drunken bastard. But overall I thought it was great. I love this badass Madge!
11/22/2010 c3 14Stina Whatever
11/22/2010 c3 3KRK the JRK
I absolutely love the way you write all the characters! This whole chapter had me laughing! Great job!
11/22/2010 c3 2Aurola Seadevil
LOL, I love the parts with Gale and Peeta. XD

Ha ha ha, Mary. Gale was SOOO off when he thought it was a "G" name.
11/22/2010 c3 roj
I am just loving this story. Your character development is wonderful. Looking forward to more!
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