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6/7/2015 c15 elmo
i am soooo glad that this story is back. the gadge pairing has pulled me in deep. i love that madge is so bad ass in here. and that she takes no shit from gale.
6/6/2015 c15 11Solaryllis
Holy crap I was so shocked (and SO HAPPY) to see this story updated. I swear I was thinking about it just like three days ago and debating the obnoxiousness of asking you about it - this premise and the characters as you're writing with them have really stuck with me. Love it love it love it. Sending you good writing vibes so you can keep going!
6/6/2015 c15 tania
I loved it! This update made my day i'm glad your writing again this is one of my favourite gadge fanfiction:)
6/6/2015 c15 4EStrunk
The saddest part of this to me was Peeta begging Madge not to make "her" mad. That sounds like such a vivid delusion. Gale flirting with the serving ladies was great. The argument between the three of them was brutal but, as always, amazingly sharp dialogue. I do hope everything is going well and would love to see more frequent ; ) updates.
6/5/2015 c15 Guest
Welcome back! This was a great chapter, and I look forward to reading more!
6/5/2015 c15 36mutemockingjay
I was so excited to see this update in my inbox and it did not disappoint. Looking forward to more, whenever they come by!
-from a lurker
6/5/2015 c15 9Katarina-hime
I love this!
1/19/2015 c14 15cutemara
OMG, why have you not continued this and finished it?!

It's totally made of win...

Please, please, please come back and write more!
1/15/2015 c14 1Talkingupsidedown
Ahhhhh Yesss! This is so good please please please tell me you're about to update after an extremely long wait and I'm just lucky enough to have arrived in time for a new chapter? But you know if this is all there is im glad I got to read it! This is honestly so amazing I'm attempting to write a Gadge fic rn and I don't know if I can ever write something as good as this. Anywho love this story! 6/5 stars :)
1/14/2015 c7 Talkingupsidedown
I NEED to stop! But I cant. I mean who needs sleep right?
1/14/2015 c6 Talkingupsidedown
In case anyone is wondering don't decide to read 'just one chapter' of this story before you go to bed. Because that's what I said 5 chapters ago and I still can't seem to stop reading! This story is amazing
9/25/2014 c14 Nobody's Somebody
Interesting twist! Im on a Gale/Madge bender right now. Loving the work
9/19/2014 c14 frouwe
Where are youuuuuuuu

This is the best Mockingjay AU I've read honestly ever. It feels like a war! You touch upon the celebrity status of Katniss&them! (Madge is alive!)

And I love your Madge so much. It's nice (as in interesting) to see a story that actually portrays the ptsd she should have gone to after surviving her parents (shh that's what happened) and being stuck underground in the worst place ever. And then how she's so gritty and hardened by everything but still girly, like the lovechild of Han Solo and Elle Woods or something, and the ragtag group of people that she made into her family (Rory the shared younger brother) after deciding there was no place for her in the Gale-Katniss-Peeta dynamic.

The chemistry and the tension between her and Gale is like crazy off the charts and I was (am) looking forward so much to the culmination, so you have to please update like tomorrow because I've been checking back once a week for like a year.
7/16/2014 c14 Guest
That's it!?
3/3/2014 c14 7Ibbonray
Lovely. It's been a long while since you updated, but this is a simply excellent stpry, and I do hope you follow through with it.
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