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2/6/2013 c1 leah.r.malfoy
it beatiful i swear frist time i read this i htough j.k rowling herself wrote it but its better than she could dercribe i love it
1/7/2011 c1 3Chromes
Awe this was just lovely :) great job;D
11/22/2010 c1 2LaRosedesVents
I like this, seeing Snape's perspective of his own death. It is nice to think that he was granted his "heaven" - like Harry's King's Cross - in being reunited with Lily in death. You write well. Thank you for following my story!
11/20/2010 c1 5bellathedisenchanted
that was so beautiful. thank you.
11/20/2010 c1 PitterPatterRaindrops
This is so sad, but what a beautiful way to write this moment. I just love when he remembers Lily's green eyes. Sigh.
11/16/2010 c1 matrice
Beautiful and poetic.

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