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for What If It Happened?

10/3/2017 c17 Guest
Please update soon! I really love this story and want to find out what happens next.
4/30/2015 c17 Teeheehee
Please write more I love this story and I wish everyone else would review too
10/23/2013 c17 Guest
please,please,please continue please
9/27/2013 c17 Guest
Please write more is so good plus I h8 cliffys
6/14/2013 c17 Guest
i really liked it
keep it up
2/22/2013 c17 don'tjudgeme
the chapter was awesome me and my friends loved it plus please keep going it was just gettin goode
2/14/2013 c7 autumn
u have terrible spelling
2/14/2013 c4 autumn
11/2/2012 c17 Guest
that was a really big twist. I'm shoocked at what happend you have to write because I really want to know what happend. Your last chapted was really good.
8/30/2012 c17 Photogirl5
r u continuing this story or no? update please!
8/23/2012 c16 CH007
Keep writing :D
I really wanna know what happens next.
Will there be Zammie ?
8/6/2012 c17 Guest
Please update?! This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read! I want MORE! MORE! MORE!:/
6/20/2012 c17 hateme101
You know just because no one reviews for a chapter doesnt mean they arent reading it. Hey, some of your readers could be away on vacation and come back to find out you stopped writing because you werent getting any reviews on one chapter and they really liked the story.
3/31/2012 c17 Gallagher series lover
I liked it! I hope you review soon because I hate cliffhangers! I also hope zach and cammie get back together soon! :)
3/18/2012 c17 dj
great story please update

btw i dont think u should look for people to review just for u to update
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