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for 3: Aliens vs Predators: Help from the Doctor

1/15/2015 c9 LUKEY
8/10/2014 c9 MewLover
I've enjoyed reading your series so far; could you do a crossover between Doctor Who and Underworld next? Or maybe have the Doctor go on a visit to Smallville (I.E. Superman in his younger years)?
Or you could possibly have a crossover with Supernatural, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Just ideas, anyway I think you're doing great
8/10/2014 c8 MewLover
Ooooh boy, those Bad Bloods shouldn't have pissed off a TimeLord
Nice job on the plot so far, I'm enjoying the action, and I can agree that the death is getting wearisome
Keep it up
8/10/2014 c6 MewLover
Nice spin on how the Xenos have evolved from various alien species from the Who series.
The human spawned, Yaujta spawned and the dog runners were a nice touch to it too.
I like the action scenes
8/10/2014 c4 MewLover
An okay chapter, I suppose; will there be more suspense at least?
8/10/2014 c3 MewLover
The poor Doctor, hahahaha!
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