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for Emperor: Out of Control

4/23/2014 c2 2CMVreud
First Guyver, now Stargate, hmmm, what's next? Black Heaven? Gundam? Power Rangers?
6/4/2013 c3 Fife
5/14/2011 c3 14RahXephon
Craptastic chapter.
5/1/2011 c2 4astartes88
Interesting, not sure i like how you portray the Big E but its your story. Love the part with valdor!
4/29/2011 c1 22starspawn07
Just to clarify a few things in response to 'The Benevolent Scriber''s review:

- I am aware of the Emperor's origins in WH40k cannon.

- this is not intended to be a "lore-loyal" fanfic. Rather, I'm trying to mesh the 2 fic universes into one.

- in this story, humanity is not "given everything on a plate". rather they were initially offered the plate, then had the plate smashed onto their heads.

- lastly, if you have a better idea of how this story should be done, please adopt it :)
4/29/2011 c1 5The Benevolent Scriber
...Ok first things first, YOU MUST USE LEXICANUM! It has all the knowledge you need to create a lore loyal Warhammer 40k fanfic. First your origin of the Emperor is totally non-canon. He was born 8000 BC and there is never any mention of Old Ones alongside humanity creation or evolution. It is unknown if humanity is a product of their meddling or not. The emperor never had any contact with the Old Ones, he like the rest of humanity was isolated on Terra until M3 or there abouts. (also I hate fics where humanity is the product of someone elses designs, it cheepens the species; much like the eldar who are arrogant about the way they were made by the Old Ones not how evolution forged them, not somthing to be arrogant about in my opinion if you are given everything on a plate)

If you use Lexicanum you don't need a beta just spend a couple of hours reading it etc. Btw the Emperor is a hive mind, a product of either his shattered mind or of the multitude of psyker souls he is fed to keep him alive. This Hive mind nature was shown in a Black library Inquisitor Book Draco. To be honest I have no idea why your writing this if you don't even have fundamental knowledge of the universe your playing in...
1/29/2011 c1 fortkavanagh
I like it

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