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for My Other Half

7/22/2016 c2 2GidgetteLover
Please, please pleeease
This is the best TDI fanfic ever! I love it...don't delete it! It is sooo cute and cool
12/14/2011 c12 45Mr. Aanonymous
# 90 baby oh yeah! oh and nice chapter
12/14/2011 c11 Mr. Aanonymous
8/13/2011 c14 9lovingrace
i love it

its like you have this smooth writing thats awesome which i cant say about every author even me yet but im just starting
7/11/2011 c14 CarmillaD
Aw, that was a sweet ending for BxG *^_^*. Too sad we couldn't see DxC ending in the same way, I would've loved to see that happening... and Duncan paying for all he caused to Courtney. Still, this was a nice story, thank you so much for letting us enjoy it
7/11/2011 c13 CarmillaD
*bawling* Oh, God, it kills me to see two of my fav girls like that T _ T. I know Courtney's hurt, but if she really did that at Bridgette's locker that was totally uncalled. Is nice to see the CIT making the first step and apologizing. Hope things get better for the girls in the next chapters.
7/11/2011 c12 CarmillaD
GASP! Damn, Duncan's such a prick! Then again, maybe everything's a HUGE misunderstanding: Perhaps he actually had feelings for Courtney and thinking she was just fooling him he decided to fire back getting her hurt first. But if it isn't that way, he deserves to suffer so badly... I feel terrible for Courtney, and is a real shame this got in the middle of her friendship with Bridgette too. Well, at least you did a nice job with the drama: I was at the edge of the chair at the end. I'll go check the next chapters ASAP
7/11/2011 c11 CarmillaD
Haha, who could've thought Courtney had the "Miss Match" bug inside her? It was nice to see her trying to help them. Aw, they finally made up! And you kept it real and sweet, nice job. Let's check the next chapters
7/11/2011 c10 CarmillaD
WOOT, I'M BACK! Aw, and this "girls' night" was really touching. At first I was practically wincing when Courtney and Gwen started to fight (It was sweet to see the Goth standing up for Trent, though), but the rest of the chapter with them finally on good terms made me so happy T w T... My three TDI fav girls hanging out as nice friends, is a dream come true. I hope Bridgette's right and Duncan has actual feelings for Courtney. OK, let's keep reading
3/21/2011 c2 5Toonster9
This was a entertaining chapter. Funny too, for letting everyon act as themselves haha
3/20/2011 c1 Toonster9
Very organized dialogue. Thanks for letting me know about the charcter's personality. I'm liking this now.
3/9/2011 c14 jennifer323
how cute i loved it make another one plz and thank u
3/3/2011 c14 21Kick Me Awake
awwww :) another one of ur amazing stories that came to an end. even tho it was short, it was exteremely sweet :D cant wait to see more from u! :D

love lovezz

3/3/2011 c14 33flymeawaytoneverland
:) I'm proud of Court :)

and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! ^^ so cute :D especially the end ^^

and I'm glad that Bridge and Court are close again :)

I loved this chappie, and I ADORED this story :) I'm sad to see it finished.. but I can't wait for the next story :D

love love love love this ^^
3/3/2011 c14 13Islanda
Back to the Future...Best. Movies. Ever. I'm very excited to see that those were included! It made me love this story even more! :D

Amazing story overall! I love a nice, classic Geoff and Bridgette story! I also loved the idea of the soundtrack! I'm gonna listen to all of them! :)

So yeah. Great job Johnna! :D
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