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1/27/2011 c10 jennifer323
omg that was so asome if i liked reading i`d read it again and update soon plz and thank u
1/27/2011 c10 33flymeawaytoneverland
awwwww :) Gwen and Court are friends now :) haha

and the Bridgette and Courtney moment at the end? LOVED it! :D

..but if Duncan hurts Courtney, and Court finds out that Bridgette knew.. oof..

anywho.. loved this :) update soon! :D
1/27/2011 c10 13Islanda
Awww, I loved this! The sleepover was really well done, and I'm glad that Courtney and Gwen are getting along now! :)
1/26/2011 c10 25babydon'tletmefall
See? This chapter was probably my favorite. :) Just because I am in LOVE with the whole Gwen/Bridgette/Courtney friendship. :)

*sigh* Poor Court, she's gonna get hurt..

*sigh* Poor Bridge, Geoff's being a butthole... I wonder what he wanted to say to her, I mean, being Geoff, he probably just wanted to apologize... But still. -.- It was buttish.

UpdatE! :)
1/26/2011 c10 26fulltimereviewer
Sorry about your computer troubles!


Well I will submit my review for the last two chapters:

Chapter 9: Geoffy? Did the hormones get to you? I hope you realize your stupid move. :(

Chapter 10: I love sleepovers! The "dare" was cute. The bff moment was tear-inducingly sweet.

Great Chapter!

I loved them.

Best Wishes,


PS: Could you check out my stories "A Father's Love" and its sequel "Marital or Maternal Duties"?
1/24/2011 c9 jennifer323
i was crying while reading dat omg u should wirte a book i would so buy it update soon i loved d chap. plz and thank u=
1/24/2011 c9 CarmillaD
Once again, thank you for replying to my comments in your A/Ns *^_^*. Haha, impossible not to think about the similarity ^¬^.

I was really surprised: I have to admit I imagined Courtney would be the one saying all those things about Geoff instead of Gwen. Then again, even in the show they have admitted to have many things in common, so maybe they actually think alike without knowing it.

GASP! Oh, Geoff, I adore you but I have to admit that you've been a real jerk in this chapter and deserved to be kicked out of the house. It was really touching to see Bridgette calling her two friends and them going to her rescue, pushing the obvious tension between them aside.

Please, continue soon, I really wanna see Bridgette and Geoff making up T 3 T
1/23/2011 c9 33flymeawaytoneverland
..awwwwwwww :( poor Bridgette.. geez.. I feel so bad for the girl.. and Geoff.. gosh.. he's acting so insensitive..

but I love how both Courtney and Gwen are dropping their usual attitudes to help Bridgette :) it's sweet ^^

anywho.. I loved this.. update soon :)
1/23/2011 c9 13Islanda
Oh my gosh! I absolutely loved this chapter! I think it was the best one yet! It was really well written, how things graually went down between Geoff and Bridgette! I can't wait to see the sleepover! :)
1/19/2011 c8 Islanda
I can totally see both Duncan and Courtney eventually falling for each other! This chapter was amazing, and definitely worth the 2 week update!

Good luck with your midterms and everything! :)
1/16/2011 c8 26fulltimereviewer
A lovely reviewer by the name of "CarmillaD" brought this story to my attention.

May I say, that I was glad that she did.

I cannot describe how pleasant this story is. Everytime I read it, it feels like a Sunday afternoon in Summer.

Great Job!

Best Wishes,

1/16/2011 c8 CarmillaD
In this particular chapter once again I couldn't help the Puck/Rachel (From "Glee") Duncan/Courtney parallel that goes on my mind: Is revealed that Courtney likes to wake up early, just like Rachel, and Duncan poured a slushie over her while Puck used to throw slushies to Rachel. I was really, really worried for them when is mentioned that both of them go to the date thinking about playing the other, because I agree with Bridgette: No matter how much some people annoy you, messing with their real feelings is too harsh. Besides, knowing that both kinda have something for the other the two of them could end hurt. I wonder what happened between them once Bridgette and Geoff left. Speaking of them, you did a great job describing how hard was for them to deal with that disaster date as company. I'm glad their own date ended up OK... even if things got kinda awkward for them when they almost gave up to increasing the level.

Please, continue soon
1/16/2011 c7 CarmillaD
Haha, it was a nice touch to not let pass his tattoo in the butt, the same goes for considering that, even if Courtney and Bridgette are friends, sometimes the surfer can have some problems dealing with the difficult attitude of the CIT. I wonder why Courtney lied about how she found out about the tattoo. Maybe because confessing she was down and Geoff helped her was a low blow to her pride. By the way, it was really sweet of him to do that for Courtney.

Would Courtney's questions be because she knew rumors of Geoff being a womanizer (Or suspected he was) and was worried that he could try to get in Bridgette's pants too soon or maybe that shows how's her general untrust against boys?

Aw, liked the little mentions of my other two favorite couples from the show and finding out what the tattoo was. I don't know why I have the feeling that Geoff did it while he was drunk XD.

And when they mentioned that they liked country I suddenly remembered how I've always imagined them singing "Need you now" by Lady Antebellum, although the song is about a separated couple and, of course, I wouldn't want that for them. Let's say it could be settled right before TDWT's first Aftermath.

OK, let's check the next chapter
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