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12/17/2010 c5 65Sakura Blossom Storm
Soo...when are they both going to admit that they're madly in love with each other?

I'm joking...but it would be nice to see a lot more fluff like the hand thing in this chatper, its sweet seeing Geoff being like this and its one of my favourite characteristics about him.

Anyway, keep up the great work, no chapter is short, as long as you're happy with it then your readers are too :)
12/15/2010 c5 CarmillaD
Hehe, for a moment I thought Gwen was using the same outfit she does in this picture: http:/emawolf(dot)deviantart(dot)com/art/Gwen-Alternate-Outfit-189429398

Aw, a golden retriever suits Geoff perfectly! I can imagine them together, playing a lot *^_^*. The sweet TrentXGwen and BridgetteXGeoff moments melted my heart, specially when they linked their fingers ans started to talk about their first kisses. Oh, so that means her first kiss with Geoff will be the first magical one for her, with meaning! * w *. Please, continue soon
12/14/2010 c5 jennifer323
12/12/2010 c5 33flymeawaytoneverland
..awwwwwwww! ^^ that was so cute ^^

oooh! I sense some TxG in the future ;) haha :)

and I absolutley adore the part with Bridgette and Geoff at the end, like, them talking, and him playing with her fingers.. it's so cute ^^

loved this, update soon! :)
12/12/2010 c5 13Islanda
I didnt find this short at all! It was really nice to see more of the attraction between Geoff and Bridgette this chapter. Gwen and Trent too! Great job, as usual! (:
12/11/2010 c4 CarmillaD
Ah, you got me: I was expecting Bridgette to go to the game. Wow, never thought Geoff could be capable of doing that kind of pranks against Bridgette. For a moment I thought maybe Duncan convinced him that he'd get her attention that way, since probably he does the same with Courtney ^_^U. Then again, Geoff really is childish sometimes but in a good way, so probably he was thinking like a child with the classic "I like the girl so I push her buttons".

At least Geoff recognized he was doing wrong and apologized. Aw, their last dialogue was very sweet! Please, continue soon
12/3/2010 c4 33flymeawaytoneverland
...! that's so cute ^^

and no Bridgette.. it wouldn't be crazy at all.. :D

ooh! can't wait for the next chapters ^^ UPDATE SOON! :D
12/3/2010 c4 65Sakura Blossom Storm
Awh! This is so cute!

I am a big fan of this story, you're a very good writer!

I really like how their characters bring out a lot in this, Geoff is just good ol' Geoff, clueless and flirty while Bridgette seems a bit out of character (Don't worry! It works!) as she is a bit harsh and cold when Geoff steps over the libne slightly.

The last chapter I really thought she was going to go to the game, ah well! It would have been nice to see her go, but then again not going has seemed to make Geoff a lot more keener and curious about her.

Keep up the fab work! :)
12/3/2010 c4 Keli-kittylovescheerleading
i love this story

so fanastic and your a good writer :)

12/2/2010 c4 21Kick Me Awake
hey! another great chaper :D cant wait for more =]

love lovezz

12/2/2010 c4 25babydon'tletmefall
This is by far my favorite chapter, I mean, I know there's only been 4 chapters, but this chapter was just... Boom, amazing. I don't even know why, maybe it was, as you said, "...acting in TDA:The Aftermath,like this push and pull relationship..." This chappie made me want to squeal, smile, and punch Geoff in the face. It also made me want to shake Bridgette and Geoff and make them realize their totally crazy about each other. But where'd the fun in that be?

XD I wonder what's going to happen... Because knowing you, something dramatic is going to come up in a few chapters. ;)
12/2/2010 c4 26NoH8-make-a-rainbow
Love you, too (;
12/2/2010 c4 13Islanda
Another amazing chapter! It is really nice in this story how they aren't jumping right into a relationship, you know? The pacing is really good, and I love the long chapters! Keep it up girl! ;)
12/1/2010 c3 CarmillaD
Nice to see Bridgette getting to know Gwen better, although is obvious that there's some tension between the goth and Courtney since the previous chapter. Woah, seems like Geoff is a mix up between the happy-go-lucky, clumsy but cute guy from TDI (Like that part when he thinks Bridgette's in "that time of the month") and the Chris clone from TDA (His over confident actions like inviting himself to Bridgette's house AND room) in this chapter, but at least it ends with the side I prefer: Loved how he invited her to the game and he said she probably would be his lucky charm.

Please, continue soon
12/1/2010 c2 CarmillaD
"[...]He chuckled, "G-e-o-f-f."

"That's unusual." I remark.[...]"

Huh, is really that unusual? I thought Geoffrey was a kinda known name. Then again, maybe it is but with a different spelling (Maybe that's why sometimes people spell Geoff's name as Jeff... Yeah, I've seen cases), just like Bridget and Bridgette.

Haha, nice to see my other favorite characters showing off, and it was really funny to see Bridgette being witness of the eternal push and pull between Duncan and Courtney since the beginning ^_^U.

I forgot to mention in the previous chapter that I liked how you pointed out Bridgette's preference to have male friends because is easy for her to hang out with them, just like we saw in this chapter.

OK, let's keep reading
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