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for He Can't Quit Her

3/26/2018 c11 MSVee15
I love it too so keep on writing the story I would like to know what is going to happen with Ethan and Theresa and the kids
9/4/2017 c1 Guest
Next chapter please
8/26/2017 c11 Guest
I need more
2/28/2017 c11 3Ladysunshine6
I hope you continue writing this story. I just want to know what happens next.
7/8/2016 c11 Guest
Waiting on the next chapter please
5/3/2016 c11 5rObErTpAtTiNsOnIsHoT1989
More please
3/1/2016 c11 Guest
Moooooore please
10/27/2015 c11 Mr.andMrs.EdwardCullen
I want an update please
10/5/2015 c1 Guest
Hurry with the next chapter
9/12/2015 c11 Guest
The next chapter please
9/11/2015 c11 53Hell of An Amen
Poor Theresa I hope that she will be alright. As for Ethan he has a lot to make up not to only Theresa but to little Ethan and Samantha. Good update.
9/10/2015 c10 13TerryGyimah
Hell everybody is acknowledging that Ethan was a first class A-hole well he was, I mean he is an idiot not only for choosing Gwen but it is because of her that he missed out on years of his children's lives, those years of Little Ethan and Samantha's lives that he wasn't there those years are gone Ethan can't get them back and not to mention Ethan both of his children his son and his daughter were abused by Nathan and Theresa was abused by him too, Ethan has to live with that but he also has to live with the fact that he chose Gwen over them

I mean Ethan's own sisters Kay and Fancy are pretty much riding him and hell even his own parents Sam and Ivy were riding him and not to mention the man who raised him the man who Ethan thought was his father for most of his life Julian was riding him and so was Pilar especially her as well as Theresa's brothers and even Ethan's own brother Noah was on his case

But Ethan I wonder now that he knows everything about Gwen, what can he really do? File for divorce, yes he can do that but knowing Gwen I can't see her making it easy for Ethan either and not to mention don't Ethan and Gwen have a son of their own? Their son Jonathan Winthrop? So Ethan if he is married to Gwen and has a child with her then that just further complicates things now doesn't it?
9/10/2015 c11 TerryGyimah
But how can we be so sure that Nathan won't track Theresa and her loved ones down in Harmony? You say he is in D.C. right? Well surely if Nathan was married to Theresa and if she is as rich and powerful as you say then wouldn't Nathan be able to use one of his own contacts or one of hers to find her in Harmony? I mean abusers they are relentless especially when they go about tracking down what they see as their property and Nathan probably sees Theresa that way so if Nathan were to show up in Harmony he wouldn't be long for this world because not only would Theresa's brothers Antonio, Luis and Miguel try to kill him but also Ethan very well could too but then Theresa she has Sam and Julian as well as Noah and everyone else protecting her but even if Nathan were to show his face in Harmony he would either be put in prison or he would end up dead

I love how Little Ethan he is wary of his father Ethan, Little Ethan doesn't trust his father and not to mention he is angry and resentful towards Ethan not that I blame Little Ethan considering the abuse he and his sister Samantha have had to go through when their mother was with Nathan but also given how his father treated his mother Theresa too I don't blame him, Little Ethan he is acting just like any other teenager would in his position

And Little Ethan he has not only uncles and aunts he has cousins too cousins like Marty, Maria, Paloma & Noah's children if they have any, Luis & Fancy's children if they have any and Antonio & Sheridan's children if they have any so he has an endless supply of family

Plus Theresa I can see her softening towards Ethan eventually but not right now obviously because of the past 8 years, I mean Theresa should be angry at Ethan she has every right to be angry and I just hope she doesn't make it easy for him when it comes to getting back together Ethan he is going to have to fight for her and for the chance to be a family with her and their children
9/9/2015 c11 4daniellands
Welcome Back...I've missed this story so happy to see you updated...can't wait for more...can't wait till see Ethan bond with his children and him and Theresa fall back in love...
3/3/2015 c10 Guest
Where's the next chapter
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