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11/21/2020 c4 Guest
Such a good short story ugh my heart
10/1/2017 c4 Guest
I'm smiling a sad smile. Heartbreakingly beautiful.
3/29/2017 c4 pipigrin 2
OMG its always so hard for them to love each other... I could feel both hearts break. at least Tasha had a brain in the story
7/28/2014 c4 Do'B
Beautiful story, and so well written, you always manage to capture the emotion, pain and angst. This is almost reading as though it actually happened.

Rose certainly is strong as much as she loves Anton, he is also a daily reminder of what Dimitri has done as well as a reminder of what Dimitri himself has done...bringing a child into the world that was not conceived from love and want, only from misplaced emotion and lust.

Very proud that Tasha done the right thing as she too could have played her trump card and guilted Dimitri into marriage..a loveless one, one that their child would have grown up in. At least Tasha loves her child enough to do the right thing, allowing Dimitri and Rose to have their future together, and also allowing for herself to meet someone who will love both Tasha and her son the way she should be loved, a healthy love, a loving family that Tasha should be raising her in...

These are the consequences to selfishness, trying to make something happen that is not meant to be...thankfully both Dimitri and Tasha had the maturity to be open and honest with their feelings and to be responsible enough to end things on positive level.

Looking forward to your next story.
2/26/2014 c3 hh
Rose can't be with him! What he wants her to be a step mom to tashas she can be forever reminded of him cheating on her...fuck him he didn't even have to leave...he can go fuck himself...rose and Adrian!"!
2/26/2014 c2 jjjjj
I can't believe rose would sleep with that dog after he fuckin cheated on her with tasha and got her pregnant! Then asked said homewrecker to marry him and she still fucked him...nasty bitch rose is a weak ass victim she should have ditched his ass! Along time ago...sooooo enter Adrian! Yahhhh rose and adrian
8/3/2013 c4 ladora
I totally put this review: "Your stories make my eyes leak and my heart hurt. It's a testament to your writing, and possibly a statement about my inability to decipher fiction from reality. But it's mostly your writing. You have a way with the words." on the wrong story. It was meant for this story, and your first published story. I didn't even read the story I accidentally posted it on, and judging by the other reviews, it's just as sad, if not more so. I'll need a day to recover from heartbreak before I can read that one as well.
5/29/2013 c3 bboops22
now in this story por tasha
5/29/2013 c2 bboops22
i so carnt say poor dimitri sonme wxcuse i was lonly ya right
5/29/2013 c1 bboops22
that so sad becouse hecouldent keep it in his trouses os rose gets hurt
2/25/2012 c3 Do'B
out of all the tasha's that i have read about this is by far the one that i like the most. tasha came to her senses and faced reality and was honest with herself. i loved reading her thoughts and her track of mind.
2/25/2012 c2 Do'B
i liked this chap, it really shows dimitri's love for rose and all the sorrow that he has put her through. dimitri's thoughts are honest and real and in one weak moment he betrayed rose in the worst possible way-i always thought of dimitri as being much stronger and more devoted.
2/25/2012 c1 Do'B
this is so heartbreaking and sad. im somewhat dissapointed in dimitri especially after all his words of devotion and promises, i always thought of dimitri more honorable and stronger than to give into lonliness...

dimitri can and will always be a father he does not have to be with tasha or marry her to do so. and lets face it, he does not have to play the card "i have to stay with tasha beacuse im her guardian and a father" he wasnt honorable to remain faithful to his promise that he made to rose why would he be honorable to tasha? especially when he is not in love with tasha but always has been in love with rose all along?

dimitri sleeps in a seperate room to tasha? surley this is a dead give away that you and your fiancee have issues? that something may not be as it should be? time to open eyes and see reality...

as with your other story you have managed to evoke many emtions while reading. excellent chap and fantastic story.
12/23/2011 c3 KatherinaRozaHathaway98
Very Good :) I'm Impressed , You've A Great Story line. Love it 3

But If i was ever in her position , i would not take him back bcuz even if a love him a lot , seeing the child of their's , i would be even more heartbroken than me leaving him , for he is a constant reminder he cheated on me. Even if i were to love him forever, i would try to get another family , even if that means i won't be in love with my so called "partner" , i would still be more happy than being with him and seeing the child everyday for res of my life .

P.S A lot of marriages still can work even if u don't really love each other . (You just have to care deeply for him/her )

P.S.S You are a great writer please do continue writing :D
5/19/2011 c4 6my 2 guys
that was good keep it up
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