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6/27 c2 Guest
"Akane, this behavior's unacceptable. Your mother would be ashamed of you."
6/21 c39 Anti-AkaRan fans
"Akane Tendo's nothing but a snob."
6/21 c37 Guest
"Ranma's an only child."
6/21 c35 Guest
Rumiko Takahashi never let us know about Shampoo's parents.
6/20 c30 Anti-AkaRan fans
"My mom didn't raise me to act like this," Akane admitted.
6/20 c30 Guest
Akane Tendo would rather be in the reality where she still got to have both parents, especially a mother who's at least still alive.
6/20 c29 Anti-AkaRan fans
Akane Tendo knew they were right. She (Akane Tendo) knew she (Akane Tendo) was too busy acting like a brat.
6/20 c28 Guest
Rumiko Takahashi does nothing to progress her own canon characters more properly better.
6/20 c27 Guest
If only Rumiko Takahashi let us know about Ukyo Kuonji's own birth mother.
6/20 c26 Guest
"Did your mama raise you to be a brat back when she was alive, Akane Tendo?"

"Your mother didn't raise you to act like a brat, Akane."

"We know she's dead, but the way you behaved wasn't how she raised you, was it, Akane?"

"If you want respect, you have to earn it, not demand it, Akane."
6/20 c25 Anti-AkaRan fans
"If you want respect, you have to earn it, not demand it, Akane."
6/20 c17 Guest
Ranma and Akane - I never like them together with each other.
6/19 c17 Guest
Strangers truly fit both Genma Saotome and Ranma better than a so called "father" and a son.
6/19 c16 Guest
"That Akane Tendo's a monster."
6/19 c15 Guest
"Ranma can never catch a break."

"What a pity."

"Genma Saotome's nothing but trouble for him (Ranma)."
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